Grit City Podcast – Episode 80


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- Well, and I guess, let's get this going, Scott.

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- Yes, Dave. - How are you today?

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- I'm fantastic. - Yeah.

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- cause I could see the world

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- Oh, they're good. - Yeah.

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- Um, I had a good day when Dan checked out

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the Old Soldier Distillery downtown Tacoma

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right there next to the Wingman.

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They got me a little liquored up, I'm not gonna lie.

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[chuckles] - Nice.

00:01:25:23 00:01:27:10
- Yeah, and they're making some delicious whisky

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and some bourbon and some white whiskey.

00:01:29:03 00:01:31:01
Yeah, we're just basically making white lightning now.

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yeah, they invited us down.

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We can go down and checked it out.

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They'll show us how to grind the corn

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and turn it into mash

00:01:36:18 00:01:37:21
and make, you know,

00:01:37:21 00:01:38:23
make us dangerous. [chuckles]

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There might be an interview coming.

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But, speaking of interviews,

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today, we're joined by my good friend

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and, uh...

00:01:47:03 00:01:48:20
a major influence and inspiration

00:01:48:20 00:01:50:21
in a lot of people's lives, I am sure.

00:01:50:21 00:01:52:09
Probably, one of the most colorful

00:01:52:09 00:01:53:10
characters I've met

00:01:53:11 00:01:55:27
and I think I'm pretty much done jerking him off.

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00:01:56:26 00:01:58:06
without further ado,

00:01:58:06 00:01:59:27
may I introduce Vibe Smith,

00:02:00:03 00:02:02:09
with Down 2 Vibe.

00:02:02:10 00:02:04:02
- It's Down 2 Vibe.

00:02:04:02 00:02:05:19
- Down 2 Vibe. - Yes.

00:02:06:08 00:02:08:14
- Vibe and I, we met a long time ago

00:02:08:14 00:02:09:29
in a different career path

00:02:09:29 00:02:11:14
doing completely different things

00:02:11:14 00:02:13:10
than what we're currently doing today.

00:02:13:26 00:02:15:07
From the moment I met Vibe,

00:02:15:07 00:02:16:12
I always knew that he had,

00:02:16:13 00:02:18:03
he had something going for him.

00:02:18:03 00:02:20:15
He was a very motivated individual.

00:02:20:23 00:02:22:12
He had a smooth voice,

00:02:22:12 00:02:24:07
he had beautiful women chasing him around,

00:02:24:07 00:02:25:20
left and right,

00:02:25:25 00:02:28:18
and he was, he was living the life that a lot of people

00:02:28:19 00:02:30:04
I think would want to live.

00:02:30:05 00:02:31:13

00:02:31:27 00:02:34:06
then, something's changed and we're going to tell you

00:02:34:06 00:02:36:09
a little bit about how

00:02:36:09 00:02:39:09
the driven IT playboy

00:02:39:09 00:02:41:07
that was Vibe Smith

00:02:41:07 00:02:44:04
turned into the enlightened individual

00:02:44:04 00:02:45:27
sitting across from us today.

00:02:45:27 00:02:47:24
So, thanks for coming in, and how was the

00:02:47:24 00:02:49:06
journey down from Seattle?

00:02:49:22 00:02:52:20
- Wow. The journey was fine.

00:02:52:24 00:02:54:27
It's always interesting getting down here.

00:02:55:04 00:02:58:05
The drivers like to not use turn signals and

00:02:58:29 00:03:01:22
it's always a very intuitive drive.

00:03:01:26 00:03:03:12
[crosstalk] [chuckles]

00:03:03:16 00:03:05:01
- You got to predict what the person in front

00:03:05:01 00:03:07:23
of you is going to do. - Absolutely, absolutely.

00:03:08:17 00:03:10:26
That's a hell of an intro. [laughs] - Yeah.

00:03:11:17 00:03:13:26
I'm just trying something out. [chuckles]

00:03:14:24 00:03:16:26
So, where are you from?

00:03:17:01 00:03:19:20
- Well, originally, I came from the South, and

00:03:20:25 00:03:23:29
I spent a lot of my older years here.

00:03:26:02 00:03:28:29
Without getting too deep into all of the travels

00:03:29:01 00:03:32:21
that I was involved in my adolescence and things like that,

00:03:33:20 00:03:37:27
but my teenage years, high school was up here.

00:03:38:21 00:03:41:17
It's been a good time acclimating and

00:03:41:17 00:03:43:27
also doing a little traveling. Once I'd finished

00:03:43:27 00:03:46:27
my high school, I had to leave and get out.

00:03:47:00 00:03:48:29
One of the things my father always told me is like,

00:03:49:07 00:03:51:18
"Show us learn your backyard."

00:03:51:18 00:03:54:03
And the US is quite a big backyard, so

00:03:54:03 00:03:55:06
that's why I started

00:03:55:06 00:03:58:01
a lot of my travels and

00:03:59:09 00:04:01:18
I've been able to have a lot of fun and do a lot of

00:04:01:18 00:04:03:08
things that

00:04:03:18 00:04:07:04
I've realized not everybody's had the opportunity to do.

00:04:07:04 00:04:09:02
And I also figured out how to do those things

00:04:09:02 00:04:12:18
without being well off or having deep pockets.

00:04:12:20 00:04:14:20
Because it's always a state of mind

00:04:14:21 00:04:17:13
and just letting yourself be free to have fun

00:04:17:13 00:04:20:05
and the only limitation, actually, is yourself.

00:04:20:08 00:04:22:21
And um, once you established that one,

00:04:22:28 00:04:26:06
pretty makes, it makes everything fun for the most part.

00:04:26:06 00:04:28:03
It's pretty easy.

00:04:30:22 00:04:34:10
So, with that being said, that IT's always been

00:04:34:10 00:04:35:26
normally my direction,

00:04:35:26 00:04:37:29
stepping into the career aspect here.

00:04:40:20 00:04:44:05
My aspirations was always going into network engineering.

00:04:44:05 00:04:47:14
I met him working for a company which was

00:04:47:14 00:04:49:14
awesome. We got a chance to meet each other.

00:04:49:17 00:04:51:13
And it's actually one of those first impressions where

00:04:51:13 00:04:53:29
he had an impression of me and

00:04:54:03 00:04:56:27
I showed him that it was incorrect.

00:04:56:27 00:04:59:07
And I have to mount him.

00:04:59:12 00:05:01:13
And once we actually gave each other a chance,

00:05:01:13 00:05:02:26
we've became really good friends.

00:05:03:04 00:05:04:22
- So, you guys didn't get along at first?

00:05:04:24 00:05:07:18
- Well, he was just kind of a little too shiny for me.

00:05:07:18 00:05:08:12

00:05:08:12 00:05:12:01
This fancy guy shows up and he's just two days,

00:05:12:01 00:05:14:13
I mean, I had two days seniority on this guy.

00:05:14:13 00:05:15:12

00:05:15:18 00:05:19:04
And, how dare he come and tell me how to do my job. [laughs]

00:05:19:09 00:05:21:19
Come here and show me that he can work faster and

00:05:21:19 00:05:23:24
load paper faster at the back of the truck, and

00:05:23:24 00:05:26:15
help out. Just be damn friendly.

00:05:26:15 00:05:28:17
How dare he. [both laugh]

00:05:29:05 00:05:32:10
- I'm like, "Hmm. Who is this guy... - Right.

00:05:32:10 00:05:34:25
- getting dropped off by some shiny-looking

00:05:34:25 00:05:36:17
white girl, just beautiful. - [laughs]

00:05:36:17 00:05:38:05
- I'm like, "I hate you."

00:05:38:05 00:05:41:04
Like, they deliver you to work. [laughs]

00:05:42:15 00:05:43:09
- Oh, man.

00:05:43:09 00:05:44:03

00:05:44:09 00:05:46:08
- I mean, that's about how it was, and then

00:05:46:08 00:05:48:11
you know, we had the same job and he worked up

00:05:48:11 00:05:50:07
in the north area, and I worked down in the southern

00:05:50:07 00:05:52:28
region of the state, and we will cross paths when we

00:05:52:28 00:05:55:17
have to do some installs and that kind of stuff together,

00:05:55:17 00:05:57:04
and then they gave him my van.

00:05:57:16 00:05:59:04
That pissed me off. [laughter]

00:05:59:04 00:06:01:15
And we met out somewhere, in the parking lot

00:06:01:15 00:06:04:03
of a safe way and he's junking though my van.

00:06:04:03 00:06:07:00
He gives me those crappy little boxed van. And he say,

00:06:07:00 00:06:08:19
"I don't need this." Throw it out of the van, throw

00:06:08:19 00:06:10:13
it out of the van, and he's like, "I don't even know

00:06:10:13 00:06:12:12
what this is for, I don't need that."

00:06:12:12 00:06:15:08
Which, you know, I had realized what a small, small vehicle

00:06:15:08 00:06:17:18
and he was working in Seattle, so I mean it made sense that

00:06:17:18 00:06:20:13
he needs it smaller. But we're all contractors fighting for

00:06:20:13 00:06:22:22
real jobs. - Right. - So, I was very,

00:06:22:22 00:06:23:28
as was like, "Oh, man, I need something like that

00:06:23:28 00:06:27:11
to get a job contracting in." He was way better than me

00:06:27:20 00:06:30:15
even though we are in completely different region. [laughter]

00:06:30:15 00:06:32:21
But we both ended up coming out of it. I mean, we were

00:06:32:21 00:06:35:09
working hard, we were busting like, sixteen hours a day,

00:06:35:09 00:06:38:16
six days a week, some days. - I think the most was a hundred

00:06:38:16 00:06:41:08
and 17 hours in six days.

00:06:41:22 00:06:43:22
- Yeah, I mean they were, they were crushing us

00:06:43:22 00:06:45:24
to get this project done. - It was quite ridiculous.

00:06:45:24 00:06:47:24
- And they played it like, "That two that are..." listen,

00:06:47:24 00:06:50:22
there are 16 of you in five spots."

00:06:50:22 00:06:53:19
I mean, they just kind of, they laid it out there like that,

00:06:53:19 00:06:55:04

00:06:55:10 00:06:57:08
we came out, we got it done.

00:06:57:11 00:06:59:21
- I mean, everybody was there and it's where I learned a lot

00:06:59:21 00:07:02:18
about what work ethics should be, whether you always

00:07:02:19 00:07:05:22
follow it or not is up to you but now it taught you

00:07:05:22 00:07:08:02
how to work, for better or worse, I mean,

00:07:08:02 00:07:09:14
I owe a lot of...

00:07:09:19 00:07:12:14
That's some of the experience that he and I had.

00:07:13:13 00:07:16:18
But then, as we got our jobs and we just both grew

00:07:16:18 00:07:18:19
and ended up not working out for either one of us

00:07:18:19 00:07:19:24
after all that work.

00:07:19:24 00:07:21:14
- Right. - Yeah. - Just work.

00:07:21:15 00:07:22:29
- It was just a job. - Yeah.

00:07:22:29 00:07:25:20
- It was definitely not a bash, and it was not a podcast.

00:07:25:20 00:07:29:23
It was not the adventures that we are in now.

00:07:30:02 00:07:32:22
- Yeah, the independent and freedom of driving around,

00:07:32:22 00:07:35:13
that was more the glamourous side of it,

00:07:35:14 00:07:37:20
but at least, for me anyway,

00:07:37:20 00:07:39:27
I was more inspired. My aspirations are more

00:07:39:27 00:07:42:10
going into, once again, network engineering.

00:07:42:16 00:07:44:08
I like being on the network inside.

00:07:44:08 00:07:46:28
I like working with servers.

00:07:48:08 00:07:51:00
That was more my direction, more my passion.

00:07:51:07 00:07:53:03
I like being on the back end of it. I'm...

00:07:53:03 00:07:55:19
- Let's be real. This is how he spend it.

00:07:55:19 00:07:58:05
This is how he's told me this job that he want to work.

00:07:58:05 00:08:01:06
He's like, "Listen, I could be anywhere in the world with

00:08:01:07 00:08:04:25
with a laptop, sitting on a beach with the honeys [laughter]

00:08:04:25 00:08:07:18
and they call me. I boog, boog, boog network

00:08:07:18 00:08:09:24
and fix a router and I'm done."

00:08:10:08 00:08:13:19
And I collect my check. I'm like, "That does not sound bad."

00:08:13:19 00:08:15:07
And I sort of look in at the amount of work,

00:08:15:07 00:08:17:14
and the amount of school, and all they are saying is that

00:08:17:14 00:08:19:25
after, even we had moved on, I'm watching he's going

00:08:19:25 00:08:22:23
to school. He's work in this path, he's going through

00:08:22:23 00:08:24:15
all this journeys, you know.

00:08:24:25 00:08:26:20
I think you did a little time with the coast guard,

00:08:26:20 00:08:28:22
is that correct? - I did.

00:08:28:22 00:08:31:12
- And what did you do there?

00:08:31:12 00:08:33:22
- I'm there as part of the search and rescue.

00:08:33:22 00:08:38:06
We did boardings, covered the Gulf, the Carribean,

00:08:40:21 00:08:42:11
part of the Atlantic.

00:08:43:02 00:08:45:29
It was a, there was some down time, and there

00:08:45:29 00:08:48:14
was some very adventurous times.

00:08:50:02 00:08:52:02
There are some things that they don't tell you

00:08:52:03 00:08:54:29
when you're going in, you think it's just, you know,

00:08:54:29 00:08:56:25
helping people and pulling people out of the water,

00:08:56:25 00:09:00:24
making sure they're safe. Well, there were some situations,

00:09:00:27 00:09:02:23
sometimes more than others,

00:09:02:26 00:09:05:04
wherein not everybody wants to be saved.

00:09:05:14 00:09:08:01
When they see us, they know they're getting deported.

00:09:08:01 00:09:10:13
So, they'll go kicking and screaming and that's

00:09:10:13 00:09:13:16
involving eliminating you out of that equation.

00:09:13:18 00:09:15:26
Then there's that option.

00:09:15:26 00:09:17:14
And sometimes they utilize that option,

00:09:17:14 00:09:19:07
or they try to, anyway.

00:09:19:07 00:09:21:28
Obviously, I'm still here, so... - [chuckles]

00:09:21:28 00:09:24:27
See how successful that was.

00:09:24:27 00:09:27:24
- And that was previous to me knowing you.

00:09:27:24 00:09:28:18
- Yes.

00:09:28:18 00:09:30:16
- So, this was in your younger years.

00:09:30:25 00:09:32:14
- Yes. - Not that I'm calling you an old man, - [laughter]

00:09:32:14 00:09:35:01
but you have this very ageless tone about you

00:09:35:01 00:09:37:04
that I can't even tell how old you are, although I'm pretty sure

00:09:37:04 00:09:39:07
I'm older than you. [laughter]

00:09:39:12 00:09:42:29
But um, so in your time there, that's kind of

00:09:42:29 00:09:45:25
how that started you on the path

00:09:45:25 00:09:48:26
even not knowing it, with just the nature of

00:09:48:26 00:09:50:20
your injury

00:09:50:20 00:09:53:02
and because... What really started this ball rolling

00:09:53:02 00:09:55:14
was your time there... - Yes. - was being kind of hard

00:09:55:14 00:09:58:10
on your body. - It was quite hard on my body.

00:09:59:03 00:10:02:13
I ended up getting a knee injury

00:10:02:25 00:10:05:16
and I kind of absolutely accept that role.

00:10:06:03 00:10:09:16
I've always been wanting to bounce as it were.

00:10:10:02 00:10:13:22
And at that young age, I was in my twenties,

00:10:14:13 00:10:17:20
when I was in, and at that age,

00:10:18:10 00:10:22:05
I injured my knee, and I was in excellent condition, so

00:10:22:19 00:10:25:29
from surgery to recovery,

00:10:25:29 00:10:28:12
I was up and running within two months.

00:10:28:29 00:10:31:20
Like, I was back to duty.

00:10:31:21 00:10:35:10
They didn't expect me to be bouncing back as quickly

00:10:35:10 00:10:37:23
as I did, but they can't deny me

00:10:37:23 00:10:39:10
because of the shape that I was in.

00:10:39:10 00:10:43:00
I passed all the tests, I was rocking and rolling.

00:10:44:20 00:10:47:22
Now, skipping down the road from that injury

00:10:48:15 00:10:50:25
it was causing lower back spasms,

00:10:50:25 00:10:53:03
things like that. And of course, because

00:10:53:03 00:10:55:23
my whole skeletal system was shifted because of that knee

00:10:55:23 00:10:59:14
injury, it was wearing on my right knee because my right

00:10:59:14 00:11:02:08
knee was compensating for the left, so was my back and

00:11:02:08 00:11:05:23
all my muscles, my stabilizers, everything was was thrown

00:11:05:23 00:11:09:20
off base off this injury. And especially, because I was

00:11:09:20 00:11:13:08
always so active, I need my body to work and I was not

00:11:13:08 00:11:17:14
really one that really slow down. Patience with everybody

00:11:17:14 00:11:22:11
else, but not patient with myself. And with that process

00:11:22:11 00:11:30:07
happening later on, the injury started to re-occur again.

00:11:30:07 00:11:32:25
And this is like, fast forward, way fast forward.

00:11:35:08 00:11:38:03
So, in the last few years, the left injury -- the left knee

00:11:38:05 00:11:42:08
was re-injured walking down some stairs, that simple.

00:11:42:17 00:11:45:14
And with that one, the right knee decided to go out right

00:11:45:14 00:11:50:00
with it. During that process, I was having troubles walking.

00:11:50:05 00:11:56:20
Things were very difficult because I'm a vet. So, using

00:11:57:03 00:12:02:00
the... the available resources that were there for me

00:12:02:03 00:12:08:03
or my available resources, I was placed on a waiting list

00:12:08:23 00:12:13:03
because of my age, my demographic, whatever, however you

00:12:13:03 00:12:18:00
want to categorize it or the reasons behind it. That waiting

00:12:18:00 00:12:23:11
list extended for almost a year and during that year, having

00:12:23:11 00:12:26:23
still having troubles walking, unable to maintain physical

00:12:26:23 00:12:28:26
shape because you kind of need your knees when you

00:12:28:26 00:12:33:20
work out. Well, then my back started to go out. I didn't

00:12:33:20 00:12:37:11
realize it. I did not know this until well after and this

00:12:37:11 00:12:40:05
is after a little bit of petitioning as it were, I found

00:12:40:05 00:12:46:05
out that I had a herniation. Well, that herniation gravitated

00:12:46:05 00:12:49:05
or moved to a direction that caused me to start to have

00:12:49:05 00:12:55:09
a sciatic nerve issue. So now, [laughs] the good times rolling

00:12:56:05 00:13:00:06
both knees not working properly, herniated and I have a side

00:13:00:06 00:13:04:11
ache, back issue that's going down my leg. So, you know,

00:13:04:11 00:13:08:00
things were fantastic. It was, it was one of those situations

00:13:08:00 00:13:12:11
that I would love to not have experienced, but you don't

00:13:12:11 00:13:14:27
understand it a little bit why I'm very thankful

00:13:14:27 00:13:16:13
that I experienced it.

00:13:16:13 00:13:19:23
Once everything got going, the doctors finally

00:13:19:23 00:13:22:26
took care of the knees, but then for the rehab, you need

00:13:22:26 00:13:25:17
to be able to use your back to rehabilitate your knees.

00:13:27:05 00:13:30:26
I can't use my back at this juncture, so I ended up in

00:13:30:26 00:13:33:23
a wheelchair. There are some aspects or, you know, the

00:13:33:23 00:13:35:14
doctors are like you should be getting better. Should be

00:13:35:14 00:13:39:26
getting better. And I'm like, you're right, why am I not

00:13:39:26 00:13:44:05
getting better? What's going on? Like, am I doing something?

00:13:44:05 00:13:46:11
Because I feel like, I motivate, like, you know you start to

00:13:46:11 00:13:48:23
inspire all these questions. - You kind of want to walk again.

00:13:48:26 00:13:52:05
- Yes, it was like, I've always been a very sporty aerodynamic

00:13:52:05 00:13:56:26
person and then now I'm not walking. I can't bend very well.

00:13:57:08 00:14:01:14
I'm in constant pain. This is, you know, I'm telling you

00:14:01:14 00:14:04:20
once again and I'm being a very, very facetious when I say this.

00:14:04:20 00:14:10:14
This was really good times. [laughter] You're looking in every

00:14:10:14 00:14:14:03
direction trying to find a reason just to smile or be positive,

00:14:14:03 00:14:19:03
you know. So, then six months later, I'm still in the wheelchair

00:14:19:03 00:14:22:26
They work on the back. The first surgery takes away my

00:14:22:26 00:14:26:26
ability to move my legs. - Completely? - I could not. I thought

00:14:26:26 00:14:30:06
I was not going to walk again. - You fucking broke my heart. -

00:14:30:06 00:14:31:00
- Yeah.

00:14:31:00 00:14:34:20
- Is it back a surgery? - This is from back surgery. I would

00:14:34:20 00:14:37:18
love to see the surgeon, but I don't want to start that battle.

00:14:37:18 00:14:38:12
- [laughs]

00:14:38:17 00:14:42:21
- You know what I mean. But either way, I did that first one

00:14:42:21 00:14:43:24
and then,

00:14:44:10 00:14:46:20
it was one of those interesting situations where the

00:14:46:20 00:14:50:05
surgeon actually said, it was my fault and that I was being

00:14:50:05 00:14:56:11
lazy and that I had issues and I need a psych exam, and

00:14:57:00 00:15:00:03
and I'm sitting there looking at him and I'm like, wait

00:15:00:03 00:15:05:17
a minute, I can't move my legs. I don't know about you,

00:15:05:26 00:15:08:27
but that is not on purpose. [laughter]

00:15:08:28 00:15:10:08
That was not on... - No, not lazy.

00:15:10:08 00:15:12:24
You got to be really lazy to not ever move your legs again.

00:15:12:25 00:15:15:19
You know... [crosstalk] - Everything below the waist

00:15:15:19 00:15:17:01
you just not touching anymore.

00:15:17:01 00:15:18:03
- You know, like, I just

00:15:18:03 00:15:20:17
fought for a year, just walking with the messed-up

00:15:20:17 00:15:24:05
back and a knee, and sciatic nerve issue and now after surgery,

00:15:24:05 00:15:28:14
you're telling me that I stopped trying, I don't know.

00:15:28:14 00:15:32:13
I was, I was flabbergasted by that comment from him.

00:15:32:13 00:15:34:14
And then, his forcefulness

00:15:34:14 00:15:37:20
to keep insinuating that I was lazy, and I'm

00:15:37:20 00:15:43:04
unmotivated and I'm just trying to work the system as it were.

00:15:43:12 00:15:46:09
I was like, "Whoa, you're really trying to

00:15:46:09 00:15:51:00
cliché me. My life has never been cliché, [laughs]

00:15:51:00 00:15:52:00
you know, but obviously you

00:15:52:00 00:15:56:14
don't know me. You just looking at the outside." So then,

00:15:56:14 00:16:00:23
fortunately, I was blessed by a second surgeon who actually

00:16:01:05 00:16:05:17
did care, and actually listen to the situation. And he was

00:16:05:17 00:16:10:08
able to, in a way, kind of sneak in and take over my surgical

00:16:10:08 00:16:13:26
procedures, and he got my legs moving again. I don't know

00:16:13:26 00:16:18:03
what he did. It's hard for me to find out what actually

00:16:18:03 00:16:21:26
happened. You know, Band of Brothers, that type of situation.

00:16:21:26 00:16:23:23
I don't know if anybody else has ever experienced that

00:16:23:23 00:16:27:08
with surgeons or doctors or just a Healthcare System, they

00:16:27:08 00:16:30:08
kind of back each other up. - Yeah. - And even when there's

00:16:30:08 00:16:33:00
a wrongdoing they're not going to admit it because that

00:16:33:00 00:16:34:17
makes them look bad. - Absolutely. I was just

00:16:34:17 00:16:36:25
talking to an attorney recently

00:16:36:25 00:16:39:08
about some stuff and it's exactly what he

00:16:39:08 00:16:42:23
said, he's like, "Good luck trying." like, you need malpractice

00:16:42:23 00:16:45:05
and that kind of stuff is the hardest thing to do, because

00:16:45:05 00:16:48:14
just like the police, everywhere else, they think that they

00:16:48:14 00:16:51:26
are right up there next to God, and in a lot of ways, they

00:16:51:26 00:16:54:01
honestly believe that, and so does the general public. So,

00:16:54:01 00:16:57:03
it's really hard, in general, to try to get anybody to

00:16:57:03 00:17:00:00
admit fault anything, because admitting fault for them

00:17:00:00 00:17:03:12
can be a catastrophe... - See... - [crosstaIk]

00:17:03:26 00:17:04:20
- and hard.

00:17:04:20 00:17:06:14
- I will say this though,

00:17:06:14 00:17:09:05
and, in a blessing that happened when this occasion, during

00:17:09:05 00:17:13:20
this scenario, I had an MRI right before. I had an MRI

00:17:13:23 00:17:17:08
after the first surgery, and I had an MRI shortly after

00:17:17:08 00:17:19:26
the second surgery. So there's actually... - There's a chain

00:17:19:26 00:17:23:08
of... - There is evidence to show which this first surgeon did

00:17:23:08 00:17:26:26
not want the second MRI the one in between. He did not

00:17:26:26 00:17:29:11
want to authorize it and actually went around him to get

00:17:29:11 00:17:33:14
it done. So, I do have proof, you just gotta have somebody

00:17:33:14 00:17:36:15
to actually look at it. [laughter]

00:17:36:15 00:17:38:25
Either way, moving on with this.

00:17:40:26 00:17:44:05
So then unfortunately, with, uh, when all the surgeries are

00:17:44:05 00:17:47:17
all done, still in a wheelchair and I got a chest plate

00:17:47:17 00:17:53:05
on, as I said, you do help the back, you need your knees,

00:17:53:11 00:17:56:05
to help your knees, then you need your back. You know,

00:17:56:05 00:17:59:05
you can't work and do things. There's a lot of struggle and

00:17:59:05 00:18:02:05
fortunately, I was blessed not to have gone through this

00:18:02:05 00:18:05:23
path alone. I actually had somebody who's willing to stick

00:18:05:23 00:18:09:05
by my side and support me and show me the love and nurture

00:18:09:05 00:18:12:11
me as much as they could even though it was really difficult

00:18:12:11 00:18:15:26
for them as well. - That girl's a saint. Ida left you.

00:18:15:26 00:18:18:20
- I'm going to say her name, Sky. - Saint Sky.

00:18:18:20 00:18:20:14
- Love you, darling. - She's a saint.

00:18:20:14 00:18:23:17
- I love you. Yes. - Very few women in the world like, they're

00:18:23:17 00:18:25:26
that's right up there with that tried-and-true. Not even

00:18:25:26 00:18:29:17
married, like death do you part, like sickness and in health,

00:18:29:17 00:18:33:00
that's like she walked that line for you, and that she did not

00:18:33:00 00:18:36:11
complain one time to me. - Well, not that I expect her that

00:18:36:11 00:18:37:05
I'm a priest [chuckles] or anything, but

00:18:37:05 00:18:42:00
you know, I mean, that girl. - Absolutely. - Impressive.

00:18:42:03 00:18:45:08
It was very, very impressive. - I understand why you gave

00:18:45:08 00:18:48:10
up all them other honey's. [chuckles] - Actually,

00:18:48:10 00:18:52:14
compared to Sky, it was pretty easy. - [laughs] - Nice.

00:18:52:14 00:18:55:29
-Yeah, Valentine's Day is right around the corner.

00:18:55:29 00:18:56:27

00:18:57:21 00:19:00:15
- But with all of that and seeing you through those

00:19:00:15 00:19:03:20
processes through, because I mean, we would not see each

00:19:03:20 00:19:06:05
other every day, or every week, sometimes not even every

00:19:06:05 00:19:09:23
month. But watching that progress, for me it was heart-wrenching

00:19:09:23 00:19:13:03
because I knew it was like, you just, like out of all the

00:19:13:03 00:19:17:00
people I knew, very few of them needed their legs more.

00:19:17:11 00:19:21:03
Like, your whole world was about dancing and living life,

00:19:21:03 00:19:24:17
and being part, you know, getting out there and doing it. -Yeah.

00:19:24:17 00:19:29:03
- You did not have a sedentary bone in you. - No. - And to

00:19:29:03 00:19:31:08
see that man, it broke it killed me. The first time I saw

00:19:31:08 00:19:33:12
you roll up in the house in a wheelchair, I'm like fuck

00:19:33:12 00:19:36:13
no, that's just a joke, that can't be real. It... - I think

00:19:36:13 00:19:38:23
that problems like that just destroy

00:19:38:23 00:19:41:23
people man. -Yeah. - Like, you know, financially, morally,

00:19:42:03 00:19:45:05
you know relationships, it just wipes people out.

00:19:45:05 00:19:46:13
[swooshing sound]

00:19:46:28 00:19:49:13
- Let's talk about Uber. What is Uber, you'll say.

00:19:49:13 00:19:51:20
Uber is your all-encompassing

00:19:51:20 00:19:56:05
transportation need mama. I'm going to use the word mama.

00:19:56:05 00:19:59:03
You know why? Because if you need a job, take that opportunity

00:19:59:03 00:20:01:20
to use your car, you can get out there with your car. You

00:20:01:20 00:20:04:08
can make 20 bucks, you can make 500 bucks, you can make

00:20:04:08 00:20:08:20
whatever it is. You need to make on your own time, with

00:20:08:20 00:20:12:14
Uber. Send a text, put Grid City, right in there, text it

00:20:12:14 00:20:17:14
over to 555-888 and you can learn all about becoming a driver

00:20:17:14 00:20:19:26
with Uber. [swooshing sound]

00:20:20:27 00:20:24:00
- I feel very blessed in a lot of different ways.

00:20:24:17 00:20:29:08
It is quite unfortunate that, and I will say this about

00:20:29:08 00:20:33:23
the healthcare aspect. They don't tell you all your options.

00:20:35:11 00:20:38:17
They really do not and it's always funny where you get

00:20:38:17 00:20:42:00
these tidbits of information and they're always from weird

00:20:42:00 00:20:44:23
strange places. Like sometimes they even might be somebody

00:20:44:23 00:20:46:26
on the street, see you in a wheelchair in the chest plate

00:20:46:26 00:20:49:11
and you're pushing yourself up the hill and you're like,

00:20:49:14 00:20:52:08
hey brother, check this out, did you know blah, blah, blah,

00:20:52:08 00:20:56:03
blah? And you're like, I had no idea about this. And then

00:20:56:03 00:20:58:00
you check it out and then there's something that's totally

00:20:58:00 00:21:00:11
beneficial and you've been needing it for a long time.

00:21:00:11 00:21:06:08
Like, it's amazing how it works. But it is quite interesting

00:21:06:08 00:21:10:14
they, you know, and unfortunately because everything is very

00:21:10:14 00:21:15:05
money based. Well, as I said, you spend a year not being

00:21:15:05 00:21:17:26
able to walk, of course, you're not going to have deep

00:21:17:26 00:21:20:20
pockets during that period of time. And it's kind of hard

00:21:20:20 00:21:24:17
to get a new job because you're like, well I'm due for

00:21:24:17 00:21:26:21
surgery. - She'd said it's hard to get out of bed.

00:21:26:21 00:21:28:03
[laughter] - Yeah.

00:21:28:04 00:21:28:28
- There are some...

00:21:28:29 00:21:32:02
I will admit there are some days where I spent four days

00:21:32:03 00:21:35:26
in the bed, maybe a day up and then maybe another day and

00:21:35:26 00:21:40:03
a half up and then I'm back in the bed again. It was, you

00:21:40:03 00:21:44:00
know, I spent a lot of time horizontal. And unfortunately,

00:21:44:00 00:21:46:08
due to the effect of my metabolism being the way that it

00:21:46:08 00:21:50:05
is, I just, they discovered after the, during the first

00:21:50:05 00:21:56:11
surgery for my back, that I am opiate resistant. Right.

00:21:56:11 00:22:00:00
Right. - No morphine for you. - No, they give it to me. I piss

00:22:00:00 00:22:02:14
around, excuse me. All right, yeah... - You can say whatever

00:22:02:14 00:22:05:03
the fuck you want to. - I will piss it right out. And even one

00:22:05:03 00:22:08:03
doctor was like, you know what, he had me on 20mg of

00:22:08:03 00:22:12:11
Dilaudid, every two hours, and he was like, "I'm going to

00:22:12:11 00:22:15:23
find out where this goes." So, he was like he's taking urine

00:22:15:23 00:22:19:03
samples, stool samples, blood samples. He was like, "What

00:22:19:03 00:22:22:14
are you doing with this stuff?" And we found out it goes

00:22:22:14 00:22:26:08
in, I urinated right back out. - Kidneys are like ugh.

00:22:26:11 00:22:28:08
Kidneys and livers like, nah. - They're not, they're not

00:22:28:08 00:22:30:23
holding on to it, there's like, no, no, we don't want it,

00:22:30:23 00:22:33:11
push it out. You know what I mean? It's kind of... - That's

00:22:33:11 00:22:35:16
all the good painkillers right there, too. - Yeah. [laughs]

00:22:35:16 00:22:36:25
- You know what I mean?

00:22:36:25 00:22:39:20
You just asked out. - I am not. I was not destined

00:22:39:20 00:22:44:03
to enjoy the pharmaceutical realm as everybody else

00:22:44:03 00:22:48:26
does, which with this be like everything. So the medical

00:22:48:26 00:22:51:26
is not working out for me. I can't take pharmaceuticals.

00:22:51:26 00:22:54:08
They look at me like a junkie if I try to get these high

00:22:54:08 00:22:57:14
dosages and even some cases they even really... - How do you

00:22:57:14 00:23:00:00
have that conversation, "Hey Doc, I'm opiate resistant, can

00:23:00:00 00:23:05:23
I have a 80mg fucking morphine pill? No tweaker, go home."

00:23:06:03 00:23:08:05
- Yeah. Like I'm going in there. I'm gonna... - Nobody believes

00:23:08:05 00:23:08:29
that. - And I'm picking

00:23:08:29 00:23:12:00
up to the allotted pills. - Right. - And in the interesting part

00:23:12:00 00:23:14:26
was, this is kind of just how the medical system tends to

00:23:14:26 00:23:17:23
work a little bit for those people who've ever experienced

00:23:17:23 00:23:19:18
it. If you have a lot of money you go. -Right.

00:23:19:18 00:23:20:27
- What are you gonna do with that? [laughs]

00:23:20:27 00:23:24:00
- So that's [crosstalk] okay, so, the interesting thing is,

00:23:24:01 00:23:26:20
because there's so many, you see now they're

00:23:26:20 00:23:29:23
looking at the quantity of it and they're low dosages so

00:23:29:23 00:23:32:05
you can pop them like candy or what. I don't know how they

00:23:32:05 00:23:34:08
look at that. - Yeah. - But then, they're like, oh, we

00:23:34:08 00:23:37:23
can't fill this. I'm like, well, the surgeon told me to

00:23:37:23 00:23:41:00
get it here. They're like, "Oh no, we can't fill this." So

00:23:41:00 00:23:44:05
then, I ended up having a go back to the surgeon, go through

00:23:44:05 00:23:46:05
the rigors of having them changing the prescription to

00:23:46:05 00:23:49:08
a higher dosage. Last pills. - Well, I guess if your body's

00:23:49:08 00:23:52:03
pushing it out, I guess a 1mg that way, you know

00:23:52:03 00:23:54:08
you have to take more pills. - Right. - At least they're keeping

00:23:54:08 00:23:56:26
you steady. Does that make sense? - Right. - Because actually

00:23:56:26 00:23:59:08
smarter than I have been. - That was because the way that

00:23:59:08 00:24:01:23
my body was metabolizing it, that's what they suggested.

00:24:01:23 00:24:04:23
But that doesn't work with the dispensary of... - Yeah, because

00:24:04:23 00:24:07:03
they don't make 1mg, that they would have to

00:24:07:03 00:24:09:26
press those pills. - No they do make the 1mg, they do

00:24:09:26 00:24:12:00
make them. - They're just worried about you having too many

00:24:12:00 00:24:14:11
because people sell them people... - Right. - If you can give

00:24:14:11 00:24:16:23
out 1mg pills you can just sell as many as you

00:24:16:23 00:24:18:20
want and you don't have to be, not as many as you want,

00:24:18:20 00:24:20:24
but... - If you can sell 250 of them, so... - Right.

00:24:20:24 00:24:22:22
- Unfortunately, because

00:24:22:23 00:24:29:00
of the demographic, by... was it the preconceived notions

00:24:29:00 00:24:32:11
they would have, profiling as it were, it put me in a red

00:24:32:11 00:24:37:03
flag area. No matter where I went. How... - I hate this black

00:24:37:03 00:24:39:20
dude in a wheelchair. Looks like he might be... - Exactly.

00:24:39:20 00:24:41:16
- might be playing in us for some pills.

00:24:41:18 00:24:43:24
- Well, people, they lock down opiates.

00:24:43:24 00:24:46:23
- Oh, yeah. - I had no idea. I was sitting in a waiting

00:24:46:23 00:24:50:06
room one time with these two people and this [clear throats]

00:24:50:06 00:24:51:00
this lady said,

00:24:51:00 00:24:53:26
she was on probation her husband was on opiates and

00:24:53:26 00:24:57:08
he had lost his pill and they count them. Like, she's

00:24:57:08 00:24:59:14
like, we had to, you know, we searched whole fucking house

00:24:59:14 00:25:01:20
for him because he lost one and we're all going to go to

00:25:01:20 00:25:04:20
jail because they count his pills. Like they fucking lock

00:25:04:20 00:25:06:23
that shit down. Unless you're in Florida, and then you

00:25:06:23 00:25:08:28
can just get whatever you want, apparently. - Oh, no.

00:25:08:28 00:25:10:29
Absolutely, I will say this.

00:25:11:04 00:25:13:23
I think there is a definitely need to

00:25:13:27 00:25:17:05
regulate it and monitor it. But you don't throw out the

00:25:17:05 00:25:20:26
baby with the bathwater. - Yeah. -Because there are some people,

00:25:21:17 00:25:24:17
I was one of those type of people, I'm not abusing this,

00:25:25:03 00:25:27:20
I'm actually just trying to walk. I'm trying to be able

00:25:27:20 00:25:30:23
to roll out of bed. I'm trying to be able to sit up in

00:25:30:23 00:25:34:00
a chair to eat a meal. I'm just trying to function like

00:25:34:00 00:25:37:23
the basic things that most people take for granted. I'm

00:25:37:23 00:25:40:23
just trying to make it to that, you know. I didn't think

00:25:40:23 00:25:42:11
I was trying to push it. I was like, just let me function.

00:25:42:11 00:25:43:29
-It's not your fault, man. - Yeah, you went to

00:25:43:29 00:25:45:23
where they told you. - Right. - It's the

00:25:45:23 00:25:48:23
fault of the manufacturers. They only have like, they will

00:25:48:23 00:25:52:08
set out, you know, we have 250 million prescriptions or

00:25:52:08 00:25:54:23
whatever, right? They'll make 500 million pills. So, they

00:25:54:23 00:25:56:20
make these excess, and they're like why are you making this

00:25:56:20 00:25:59:26
excess? Well, because that many is getting sold, right?

00:25:59:26 00:26:03:17
Even though they're fucking getting sold illegally or to

00:26:03:17 00:26:06:11
other people. So, it's actually the fault of the pharmaceutical

00:26:06:11 00:26:08:23
companies. You were doing exactly you're supposed to do.

00:26:08:23 00:26:10:06
- I thought it was. -Yeah, because.

00:26:10:06 00:26:13:07
- I thought it was. [laughter] [crosstalk]

00:26:13:07 00:26:16:05
- Yeah, that was definitely an unfortunate scenario.

00:26:18:06 00:26:21:00
With everything going the way that

00:26:21:00 00:26:26:14
it was, the struggles of trying to get the meds, also, trying

00:26:26:14 00:26:30:17
to get the cooperation of the Medical Teams to work with

00:26:30:17 00:26:36:08
me, things were kind of bleak. It looked really bleak we

00:26:36:08 00:26:42:08
struggled. We struggled extremely hard and being... I was

00:26:42:08 00:26:45:19
always a very proud person. I've never... - Extremely.

00:26:45:26 00:26:47:15
To a fault proud.

00:26:47:15 00:26:50:17
- Yes. I didn't want to ask for help and because I

00:26:50:17 00:26:54:05
come across and I am a strong person, people don't really

00:26:54:05 00:26:57:03
offer to help either, even though that's when I needed it

00:26:57:03 00:27:02:03
the most. It was very unfortunate, it was really unfortunate.

00:27:03:26 00:27:06:17
So, during that whole period, you know, while we're struggling

00:27:06:17 00:27:11:12
and things, a good friend offered

00:27:11:12 00:27:13:17
to us like, "Hey, I know this isn't working.

00:27:13:17 00:27:15:05
This isn't working. You tried all these

00:27:15:05 00:27:17:20
other different things. You're all over the map. You're

00:27:17:20 00:27:20:20
trying." Like I'm almost like I'm very open person. I've

00:27:20:20 00:27:23:20
always been an open person. I'll try it. If it's gonna

00:27:23:20 00:27:27:00
work, my ego will not stop me from going to do it unless

00:27:27:00 00:27:29:17
asking for help. But now if you offer the help, I'll take

00:27:29:17 00:27:32:03
it. You know what I mean? -Especially the precipice.

00:27:32:03 00:27:34:23
- Oh yeah, no, no. Yeah, you offer it, I will take

00:27:34:23 00:27:38:11
it. But to get me to ask, that's the one is a little bit,

00:27:38:11 00:27:42:05
it was a little bit like pulling teeth. Fair enough. In

00:27:42:05 00:27:46:26
this situation, we uh, I started to learn more and more

00:27:46:26 00:27:47:24
about myself,

00:27:48:00 00:27:51:24
my mind over matter, how strong it was. Staying how to stay

00:27:51:24 00:27:54:23
try to stay as positive as I possibly could. You

00:27:54:23 00:27:57:17
know, not to let anything get me down. Use my own energy

00:27:57:17 00:28:01:11
to try to... There's like, there's some, there's always a

00:28:01:11 00:28:04:26
silver lining in every cloud, and if there isn't one, put

00:28:04:26 00:28:08:25
one in there, you know. Bring a bag of them, if you need to.

00:28:08:25 00:28:11:03
Whatever you need to do to help you get through it,

00:28:11:05 00:28:14:17
because it could always be worse, I can always not be here.

00:28:15:03 00:28:20:00
You know, we went to this situation where there's

00:28:20:03 00:28:23:17
I got invited to go and my buddy paid for it and it was

00:28:23:17 00:28:29:08
using stones. And with these stones, they help change your

00:28:29:08 00:28:33:08
energy to balance it out. Get your energy to flow the way

00:28:33:08 00:28:36:08
it's supposed to, to help clear blockages things like that.

00:28:36:11 00:28:38:14
So, I went through this Stone. - So you're talking about

00:28:38:14 00:28:40:28
something completely different. You stepped aside. You're like

00:28:40:28 00:28:43:12
"Let's do away with the idea of... Let's- let's try something

00:28:43:12 00:28:46:23
different than typical medicine. Let's look towards more

00:28:46:23 00:28:49:18
alternative." - Alternative. - Absolutely.

00:28:49:18 00:28:50:28
- The medical system,

00:28:51:08 00:28:55:05
it would, it's not conducive for me. It may work perfectly

00:28:55:05 00:28:59:23
for somebody else, but once again, one, I'm up at necessity.

00:29:00:08 00:29:04:11
Two, I didn't have a deep pocket because of my being disabled

00:29:04:11 00:29:08:29
for so long. I didn't have the money. So, when I... being ethnic

00:29:08:29 00:29:12:10
male, no money, I'm screwed.

00:29:12:10 00:29:13:20
There is no option for me.

00:29:13:26 00:29:16:03
I couldn't think my weight like, I could tell him how smart

00:29:16:03 00:29:19:20
I am. I can show them how educated I am but that's irrelevant

00:29:19:23 00:29:22:08
because I'm seeing, I'm still being profiled before I even

00:29:22:08 00:29:25:23
walk up. So by then, it doesn't really matter what I say

00:29:26:03 00:29:29:00
or how I act or whatever, they already made a decision. And

00:29:29:00 00:29:33:00
if is no, not to help me, well, that's the- that's the- that's

00:29:33:00 00:29:35:00
what they chose and that's the destiny that they try to

00:29:35:00 00:29:38:00
create for me. - So, how did they approach you with

00:29:38:00 00:29:40:20
the stones? So, a friend of yours was just, "Hey, come check

00:29:40:20 00:29:44:03
this out." - Yes. He was like, "You know what, I'm gonna go

00:29:44:03 00:29:46:23
get this stone, anything done." And I was like, stoning.

00:29:46:23 00:29:49:13
I'm like, "Dude, I don't smoke weed, you know." [laughs]

00:29:49:13 00:29:51:02
- Right. - Right. [laughs]

00:29:51:03 00:29:53:11
- I told you like, seriously, you know, the Cliche, the show

00:29:53:11 00:29:57:16
on TV that's not me, [laughs], you know. But either way,

00:29:57:16 00:29:58:14
it was like a,

00:29:58:14 00:30:03:14
no, I- I thought it was dealing with pot to wean and I was

00:30:03:14 00:30:07:23
like, "Oh no." He's like, "No, he's actually using mineral

00:30:07:23 00:30:10:18
stones, crystals, things like that, you know."

00:30:10:18 00:30:12:04
And I was like, "Oh, wow.

00:30:12:00 00:30:15:23
That actually sounds really cool. You know what? Yes, I

00:30:15:23 00:30:19:11
will try it, I will try anything, anything just to feel

00:30:19:11 00:30:22:28
some, some semblance of relief."

00:30:23:09 00:30:26:15
Went to it and it was amazing.

00:30:27:17 00:30:30:20
But the, the person who is working on me was like, "Oh, don't

00:30:30:20 00:30:34:20
worry. Don't worry about it." He has a, he has a large

00:30:34:20 00:30:37:14
energy field something's going on. Like I don't understand

00:30:37:14 00:30:40:23
what that meant at the time. I was just like, "Hmm, okay,

00:30:41:03 00:30:43:19
okay. So, what? You just throw stuff on me? What was

00:30:43:19 00:30:47:03
I mean, you know, am I durable. [laughs] But you know,

00:30:47:03 00:30:48:02
it was like,

00:30:48:03 00:30:50:14
I don't understand these. I don't understand these terminologies

00:30:50:14 00:30:52:23
that you're using right now. But, you know, I'm laying

00:30:52:23 00:30:56:23
down, they're putting necklaces on me. Line them up in different

00:30:56:23 00:31:00:00
areas. I'm working at, working with my energy field, my

00:31:00:00 00:31:05:11
aura things like that, they're working with it. And by the

00:31:05:11 00:31:08:08
time, everything was all said and done, it was supposed

00:31:08:08 00:31:10:23
to be a 45-minute session, it turned out to be an hour

00:31:10:23 00:31:15:03
and a half. And there was an apprentice that was working

00:31:15:03 00:31:18:20
on me. So, it was interesting. Once it was all completed,

00:31:19:00 00:31:29:08
I got up, and I wasn't in as much pain. I felt better.

00:31:31:17 00:31:35:11
In a way that I had almost forgotten that it could actually

00:31:35:11 00:31:39:00
feel like that. You know, it's kind of one of those moments

00:31:39:00 00:31:41:23
where you almost want to start crying because you're like,

00:31:42:03 00:31:48:14
"Oh my God. I can actually feel better now." I feel I can

00:31:48:14 00:31:53:08
actually walk for a minute, and I can bend and I don't know

00:31:53:08 00:31:55:20
if I can run up and down the stairs, but at least now I

00:31:55:20 00:32:00:03
feel like maybe I should try, you know. You don't feel,

00:32:00:03 00:32:04:14
you don't feel as limited and- and that was one

00:32:04:14 00:32:07:08
of the things, is like I went back and told my partner,

00:32:07:08 00:32:12:08
I let her know and I was like, "Hey, Oh my goodness, I and

00:32:12:14 00:32:17:17
I'm moving. I can move again." And it lasted lasted for

00:32:17:17 00:32:20:14
a few days while I was able to feel that way and of course,

00:32:20:23 00:32:23:08
you know, the more you use it, the quicker kind of goes,

00:32:23:11 00:32:26:00
you know, it but that's just me. I was just like I can

00:32:26:00 00:32:29:26
do stuff. So, I'm going to try to do everything. But then

00:32:29:26 00:32:34:05
that was the, that was the first, that was the first key

00:32:34:05 00:32:38:14
that that illustrated, that the alternative medicine seems

00:32:38:14 00:32:42:11
to resonate better with me. It seems to have a stronger effect

00:32:42:11 00:32:46:26
or a lot more lasting effect. You know, what the Pharmaceuticals,

00:32:46:26 00:32:49:17
I'm taking those every two hours, if not sooner in the

00:32:49:17 00:32:52:17
smaller increments in that you know, are intervals and

00:32:52:17 00:32:55:11
that. But with this one, this actually lasted me a few

00:32:55:11 00:32:59:26
days. Then so, then I start pursuing this information little

00:32:59:26 00:33:02:05
bit more. I'm like okay what Stones were used? How were

00:33:02:05 00:33:05:23
they use? What was the concept, etcetera, etcetera? You know

00:33:07:08 00:33:12:23
I'm from a family that that was that energy and the concept

00:33:12:23 00:33:17:20
of alternative medicine was very prevalent. Weather is

00:33:17:20 00:33:21:23
wildly exercise, that's subject to interpretation

00:33:22:08 00:33:26:00
but it was still- it was still there. Now, you always had

00:33:26:00 00:33:29:00
that on. - It was a belief you were raised with. - Yes. Even

00:33:29:00 00:33:32:17
though part of it was, I was raised as Jehovah Witness.

00:33:33:00 00:33:37:03
So, anybody who knows what Jehovah Witness is, you know,

00:33:37:23 00:33:41:21
you can't do nothing. - Yeah. [everybody laugh]

00:33:41:21 00:33:44:20
-They have some medical hang-ups there too,

00:33:44:21 00:33:46:27
right? They don't take blood transfusion. - Nope, nope.

00:33:46:27 00:33:48:01
- and couple of other things.

00:33:48:01 00:33:50:05
- What is yours, is yours. And, you know,

00:33:50:05 00:33:51:23
I don't want to go too in depth with that

00:33:51:23 00:33:54:16
because um, um... - We're not here to shit on the

00:33:54:16 00:33:57:22
Jehovah's Witnesses. - No, and I don't want to talk poorly about

00:33:57:22 00:34:00:23
that's not my place to talk poorly about anybody or anything.

00:34:01:08 00:34:07:11
I'm just telling my story and my experiences. With that,

00:34:09:03 00:34:11:20
I started to pursue more of the alternative medicines.

00:34:12:00 00:34:15:20
And I'm noticing that stones are starting to help me. Certain

00:34:15:20 00:34:18:08
stones, they resonate with me. I can actually, I was able

00:34:18:08 00:34:21:14
to feel the vibration of them, which was really weird.

00:34:22:17 00:34:26:05
But there's also let me roll it back a little bit. So,

00:34:26:05 00:34:30:17
before these things started to happen, it was kind of, I

00:34:30:17 00:34:39:17
started to discover that I needed to figure out what am

00:34:39:17 00:34:44:17
I doing, because I came to a point where after

00:34:44:17 00:34:47:03
I'm starting to like heal, like getting that I was going

00:34:47:03 00:34:50:17
to say, heal myself. But I'm starting to look at a different

00:34:50:17 00:34:56:11
avenues, and for some reason, things are starting to make

00:34:56:11 00:35:01:26
more sense. Mind you, I got the IT. IT's down. I can go

00:35:01:26 00:35:04:03
in that direction. I thought was always been my passion.

00:35:04:03 00:35:07:08
I love it. But in the same token mind you, you know, still

00:35:07:08 00:35:09:20
coming out of the wheelchair. I'm getting out of the wheelchair,

00:35:09:20 00:35:12:20
more frequently now. I'm moving, I'm using the cane. I'm

00:35:12:20 00:35:16:11
making progress, it's slow progress but any progress is

00:35:16:11 00:35:20:29
progress, right? And then, I'm looking at the

00:35:20:29 00:35:22:10
alternative medicines

00:35:22:11 00:35:24:23
and I'm noticing that there, as I said, once again, they're

00:35:24:23 00:35:29:17
having a stronger effect, a lasting effect on me. So the

00:35:29:17 00:35:32:05
more I started learning about these alternative medicines,

00:35:33:03 00:35:36:20
the more things start making sense and the more clarity

00:35:36:20 00:35:43:27
I started to get about certain things. One of the [laughs]

00:35:44:12 00:35:45:10
one of the

00:35:45:10 00:35:51:12
points was I went in for- and this was still me

00:35:51:12 00:35:52:22

00:35:52:22 00:35:58:11
I was working with somebody and they were, they were doing

00:35:58:11 00:36:01:17
some energy work on me, and they kind of told me, they're

00:36:01:17 00:36:07:23
like, "Huh. Wow, you're almost all heart. Actually, you

00:36:07:23 00:36:11:26
are all heart." And I was like, "What? Man, what you call

00:36:11:26 00:36:14:13
you call me weak? What are you saying?" [laughs]

00:36:14:13 00:36:15:07
"Where you going with this

00:36:15:07 00:36:19:03
Willis?" No. [laughs] But no, it was interesting. He was just

00:36:19:03 00:36:24:03
like, no, no. Really, you are heart, you will do anything

00:36:24:03 00:36:28:26
to help other people. And I was like, well yeah, of course.

00:36:29:03 00:36:32:08
If if somebody's in danger, you help them. You don't just

00:36:32:08 00:36:36:00
watch, you, don't just let it happen. You actually should

00:36:36:00 00:36:39:05
help them if you can if you can. Now granted, there's always

00:36:39:05 00:36:42:17
like common sense. Well, if I step in ain't nothing really

00:36:42:17 00:36:44:26
going to change other than like another person injured,

00:36:44:26 00:36:48:03
you know what I mean? I get that, like, that's common sense.

00:36:48:08 00:36:51:14
You know, self-preservation, they are is one of those is

00:36:51:14 00:36:56:03
those key survival instincts, right? But he was just telling

00:36:56:03 00:36:59:03
me this and he was like, there's a lot of things about

00:36:59:03 00:37:03:00
you that you will learn and you will discover and I'm excited

00:37:03:00 00:37:07:05
to be witness of the beginning of you discovering some

00:37:07:05 00:37:10:03
of these things that are going to happen to you. And I

00:37:10:03 00:37:13:17
was just like, whoa, okay that's all mystical

00:37:13:17 00:37:17:01
and mysterious. Whoa! [laughs] Because this is what type of

00:37:17:01 00:37:20:06
movie is this? No, it was, it was and it was, it was pretty

00:37:20:06 00:37:23:25
cool. And then pretty much from that point on I start

00:37:23:25 00:37:26:03
focusing and there

00:37:26:03 00:37:31:20
was a moment where and this is all using energy.

00:37:35:00 00:37:39:11
They did a, like, kind of like a like a reset on me, to

00:37:39:11 00:37:41:23
try to get my energy to realign because obviously, this

00:37:41:23 00:37:45:14
is what's effective for me. To get me more in tuned, get

00:37:45:14 00:37:50:00
things to flow, to clear blockages, just get me an alignment.

00:37:51:11 00:37:56:03
And once that happened, I started to notice different things.

00:37:56:05 00:37:59:05
I certainly become aware of different things. Like I was

00:37:59:05 00:38:02:08
able to feel people more. I have started to realize that

00:38:02:08 00:38:04:26
all these abilities that I would- that they were starting

00:38:04:26 00:38:08:17
to become stronger, I've been using them all my life but

00:38:08:17 00:38:12:14
I did it subconsciously. I was not aware of it. Being able

00:38:12:14 00:38:16:00
to like feel people and understand what they mean when

00:38:16:00 00:38:19:08
they're saying things. You know, to truly listen to somebody,

00:38:19:08 00:38:21:20
not just listening where you're like I hear what you're

00:38:21:20 00:38:25:17
saying but actually feel what they're saying, you know.

00:38:27:14 00:38:30:08
So, it was pretty amazing that this was starting to happen

00:38:30:08 00:38:36:00
and [laughs] it's kind of crazy. You can use, I can easily just

00:38:36:00 00:38:40:17
going to hold tangent about this. But nonetheless, it was

00:38:40:17 00:38:43:17
it was amazing. Just kind of going into the energy, going

00:38:43:17 00:38:47:00
into the alternative medicines and realizing that this

00:38:47:00 00:38:50:20
is actually quite effective. And the farther I went into

00:38:50:20 00:38:57:03
it, the stronger my urge, my pull was towards this. And

00:38:57:03 00:38:59:05
then, that's when it was brought to my attention and there's

00:38:59:05 00:39:01:00
always funny because when they always when somebody else

00:39:01:00 00:39:03:26
tells you something that you kind of know, but you don't

00:39:03:26 00:39:07:20
really say it yet, you're not really there to be like,

00:39:08:11 00:39:11:17
this is who I am, accept that. Haha, you know. Yeah. [laughs]

00:39:11:17 00:39:12:11
- You have a point there.

00:39:13:03 00:39:16:08
But he was like, it came like, they were like you're a healer.

00:39:16:26 00:39:21:05
You didn't know you're a healer? I was like, no, no, no I

00:39:21:05 00:39:27:16
didn't. I didn't get the- I didn't get the memo. [laughs]

00:39:27:16 00:39:31:11
I haven't read the handbook. You know what I mean? I don't know.

00:39:31:11 00:39:33:11
You know, I mean... - It is printed on my back?

00:39:33:11 00:39:35:16
- Yeah. [laughs] - Am I stabbed somewhere?

00:39:35:16 00:39:37:03

00:39:37:17 00:39:42:00
It was amazing. And- and then once I was like, okay, I'm

00:39:42:00 00:39:48:05
a healer. Now, knowing my curiosity and how aggressive

00:39:48:05 00:39:51:26
I am about learning and experiencing things, let's find

00:39:51:26 00:39:57:20
out what this is. And the more I went in the direction

00:39:57:20 00:40:00:08
of healing and learning things and actually had somebody

00:40:00:08 00:40:04:00
show me it showed me how to do energy-pulling, something

00:40:04:00 00:40:07:15
simple, it makes it... - So simple. [laughs] It's super simple

00:40:07:15 00:40:08:09

00:40:08:10 00:40:09:14
- Well, it may freak some people out.

00:40:09:14 00:40:11:22
- Stupid Sky, you don't know that energy-pulling.

00:40:11:22 00:40:14:04
- Don't suck the energy off me man. That's bullshit.

00:40:14:04 00:40:16:18
You start stealing my energy. -No, no, no.

00:40:16:18 00:40:19:19
See, here's the- here's the thing, and see the

00:40:19:19 00:40:22:17
interesting part about energy-pulling is only thing

00:40:22:17 00:40:27:03
you're doing, essentially, is your grounding somebody. It's

00:40:27:03 00:40:29:14
helping them to release the energy that they are ready

00:40:29:14 00:40:32:20
to let go of and you return it back to the Earth. So then

00:40:32:20 00:40:35:20
it can be reassimilated with everything else, that's everything

00:40:35:20 00:40:40:05
around us is energy. I'm a dense representation of energy.

00:40:41:05 00:40:43:17
Energy is all the way around us, everything that you this

00:40:43:17 00:40:46:17
is all dense representations of energy, right?

00:40:46:17 00:40:48:10
- Mmm. Of course.

00:40:48:10 00:40:51:13
It is all around us. - [laughs] Right, right.

00:40:51:18 00:40:53:16
No, it's so fascinating

00:40:53:16 00:40:58:08
and wonderful, and there's, it's fantastic. But, with those

00:40:58:08 00:41:02:20
with that being said, is with my direction going in this

00:41:02:20 00:41:05:17
way, and started, and every time somebody showed me something

00:41:05:17 00:41:10:08
energetically, I picked it up. Like, like fast-track, like

00:41:10:08 00:41:13:17
for some reasons like almost already knew it. And the more

00:41:13:17 00:41:19:17
I did that, the better I was starting to feel. And the better

00:41:19:17 00:41:23:23
I felt, the more, like they have yours around me, you can

00:41:23:23 00:41:30:00
feel it. And it, it really pushed me in a direction of

00:41:31:20 00:41:37:05
understanding and reacquainting myself with myself and

00:41:37:05 00:41:40:03
this is... Now, let me throw it back. This is why I was saying

00:41:40:08 00:41:44:08
I am grateful and I'm thankful for the trials and tribulations

00:41:44:08 00:41:47:26
I went through before. If I would have never injured re-injured

00:41:47:26 00:41:52:20
my left knee, I probably would still be partying, getting

00:41:52:20 00:41:57:17
high, doing whatever, you know, just- just being wild and

00:41:57:17 00:42:00:00
just being wild and willing. - Being worried about that beach

00:42:00:00 00:42:03:29
with that laptop job. [laughs] - That's it. - We still didn't

00:42:03:29 00:42:05:25
time to jam. [laughs] - You know.

00:42:05:26 00:42:07:01
But definitely,

00:42:07:01 00:42:09:17
I would definitely be going in a completely different direction

00:42:09:17 00:42:12:23
and I was still be going in my IT direction, you know?

00:42:15:03 00:42:19:11
But with it, with this calls me to slow down.

00:42:19:25 00:42:21:06
And I realized

00:42:21:07 00:42:25:20
and I've learned that whenever something bad, you may look

00:42:25:20 00:42:30:15
at it being bad or negative or horrific, it's all an

00:42:30:15 00:42:31:09

00:42:32:05 00:42:36:05
One, for you to experience something. Two, even though, I

00:42:36:05 00:42:39:20
know that sounds weird, but in experiences experience and

00:42:39:20 00:42:42:26
just to be able to experience and feel something is a blessing

00:42:42:26 00:42:51:08
in its own. But also to- it gives you an opportunity to

00:42:51:08 00:42:55:23
survive and learn from whatever just happened to allow

00:42:55:23 00:43:01:23
you to grow and evolve and to elevate to another higher

00:43:01:23 00:43:07:05
level of being aware and owning who you are, or you can

00:43:07:05 00:43:12:11
fold and give up. Now, as always, I concept if you're not

00:43:12:11 00:43:15:03
willing to move, if you're not willing to grow, you're

00:43:15:03 00:43:20:11
not willing to learn, why are you here? - Why are you stuck

00:43:20:11 00:43:24:05
in that damn wheelchair? - Exactly. You know, I mean, and,

00:43:25:00 00:43:27:20
and with that is and when you're open, when you're able

00:43:27:20 00:43:30:05
to evolve, when you're able to look at it and just like,

00:43:30:05 00:43:35:26
what am I learning from this? And for me, I learned one,

00:43:36:00 00:43:41:08
to love myself. Two, to actually pay attention, to listen

00:43:41:08 00:43:44:23
to slow down. That was the key thing. I learned how to slow

00:43:44:23 00:43:47:23
the hell down. I was always like, rip and run. And go,

00:43:47:23 00:43:50:23
go, go, go, go, go. Oh, my God, I can't make their spin fast

00:43:50:23 00:43:54:00
enough. You know, [laughs] that's always been me. I'm like this

00:43:54:00 00:43:56:17
way my head works. - Yeah, you go to the club with Vibe [laughs]

00:43:56:17 00:44:00:08
by the way, you ain't going to one club, you're going to three

00:44:00:08 00:44:04:10
clubs in four different cities. [laughs] And, and then you're

00:44:04:10 00:44:08:17
going to the after hours. And then, if you still have not caught

00:44:08:17 00:44:12:23
your, your, your bucket of butt naked bitches, [laughs] we gotta

00:44:12:23 00:44:17:17
go back. If I'm like, it was always an adventure and that

00:44:17:17 00:44:20:03
is very true. And that's part of that beauty of your,

00:44:20:03 00:44:22:08
of the person that you are, even when you were doing that.

00:44:22:08 00:44:24:26
It wasn't like you were malicious. -No. -You just bring your

00:44:24:26 00:44:27:23
energy into any room anywhere. I don't care, like, I fought

00:44:28:03 00:44:31:17
brought you down in our West Khan and instantaneously every

00:44:31:17 00:44:34:11
because that's a high, that's a high energy place of people

00:44:34:11 00:44:36:26
that are mostly attuned. I would like to think because

00:44:36:26 00:44:40:20
I do, I don't know how much of what I believe in. I can

00:44:41:00 00:44:44:05
like can call faith healing or spiritual healing or but

00:44:44:05 00:44:48:00
I definitely believe in energy. Exactly like you'd had

00:44:48:00 00:44:50:26
explained it. And you've always been that guy. And now,

00:44:50:26 00:44:55:11
to see you taking it and changing your life with it, bringing

00:44:55:11 00:44:58:03
yourself, putting yourself damn near back in the spot you

00:44:58:03 00:45:02:26
were when we were kids being stupid, seeing that and now

00:45:02:26 00:45:05:11
you're taking that on that healer role and you willing

00:45:05:11 00:45:07:03
to take that out there in the world and give it to other

00:45:07:03 00:45:12:00
people. That evolution to you is so great and it makes

00:45:12:00 00:45:14:00
me proud. I was like, as soon as I heard that, I like we're

00:45:14:00 00:45:16:15
doing a podcast son. -[laughs] You're gonna come down here

00:45:16:15 00:45:18:17
and we're gonna talk about it. We're going to promote the hell

00:45:18:17 00:45:22:14
out of it. So how did you, how did you come at it? I mean,

00:45:22:14 00:45:27:03
is the entire like is Reiki, like is that the entire encompassing

00:45:27:03 00:45:31:14
of, what of energy healing or like? It kind of give us

00:45:31:14 00:45:33:26
a little bit more about, about that journey. How did you

00:45:33:26 00:45:37:14
become? How did you pick Down 2 Vibe? Like, what

00:45:37:14 00:45:42:09
does that mean to you? - Okay, so, [clear throats] with me

00:45:42:09 00:45:44:03
deciding the direction

00:45:44:03 00:45:45:23
and I'm like, you know what, I want to learn. I want to

00:45:45:23 00:45:48:11
learn more, I want to learn more. I want to, I want to

00:45:48:11 00:45:50:20
master this. I want to understand it as much as I can.

00:45:50:26 00:45:54:11
There's so much information, there's so much possibilities.

00:45:55:03 00:45:59:08
I want it all. Like, I'm hungry for it. I had a strong

00:45:59:08 00:46:03:20
desire for it, like it is it is it's unfortunate. I'm going

00:46:03:20 00:46:06:20
to use this term. There was like there was a hole and I

00:46:06:20 00:46:11:00
was trying to fill it with this information about healing

00:46:11:00 00:46:16:11
energy, all of it. In my enthusiasm, I have not been able

00:46:16:11 00:46:19:03
to shake. I swear to God as I'm like a four-year-old when

00:46:19:03 00:46:20:23
it comes to like... - Yeah. You're like a vegan.

00:46:20:23 00:46:21:21
You tell everybody

00:46:21:21 00:46:25:24
about it? - [laughs] I do apologize if

00:46:25:24 00:46:27:20
if it's ever too much. - [laughs]

00:46:27:20 00:46:31:06
- It's just I get really excited because it's in those people

00:46:31:06 00:46:34:26
that I've interacted with, they understand exactly what I mean

00:46:34:26 00:46:37:08
once they- once they interact with me. Then they're like

00:46:37:08 00:46:41:14
"Okay I get it. Oh, wow. I totally get it." But what brought

00:46:41:14 00:46:48:08
me into Reiki, exactly was that with me, no one starting

00:46:48:08 00:46:51:05
to learn how to use energy and starting to understand it

00:46:51:05 00:46:54:08
more about myself. Like that's a self-learning and self-love.

00:46:54:08 00:46:57:22
That was that it was I was going through and experiencing.

00:46:59:26 00:47:03:26
It was a friend of mine, who was doing a cranial sacral

00:47:03:26 00:47:09:05
work on me. - Sorry, what? - Cranial sacral. It's another form

00:47:09:05 00:47:12:26
of healing. - Okay. - It's an alternative medicine and it can

00:47:12:26 00:47:16:00
help with getting you back in alignment, based of your

00:47:16:00 00:47:19:08
cranial sacral which runs along the back of your spine,

00:47:19:11 00:47:23:20
through your throughout your body. I'm not well-versed

00:47:23:20 00:47:27:00
in it, that's why I won't go too in depth in it. But it

00:47:27:00 00:47:30:17
is another form of energy work, which helps you to become

00:47:30:17 00:47:36:11
more aligned, to clear blockages, to be more free and flowy

00:47:36:17 00:47:41:14
flow of energy, excuse me. She introduced me to somebody and

00:47:41:14 00:47:45:11
I didn't get permission to. Well, she's out of the country.

00:47:45:11 00:47:49:23
So, I was not able to acquire the permission to say her

00:47:49:23 00:47:54:03
name. So out of respect, I won't mention her name but she

00:47:54:03 00:48:00:20
teaches Reiki. And she, we resonated with each other and

00:48:00:26 00:48:05:23
she was like, yes, I will take you on as a student. She

00:48:05:26 00:48:12:26
proceeded to teach me, and this is what became new to

00:48:12:26 00:48:19:05
me was that I was ready. And all of me, my mind, body, and

00:48:19:05 00:48:23:03
spirit were all sitting there waiting. Excuse me, my spirit

00:48:23:03 00:48:26:20
and body were waiting for the mind, my conscious mind but

00:48:26:20 00:48:28:23
I can we do this now because we're sitting here waiting

00:48:28:23 00:48:32:05
for you, you know. Like this is this is your direction.

00:48:33:17 00:48:38:00
And I had the abilities, I just didn't have the structure

00:48:38:00 00:48:41:11
or the discipline or the knowledge of how to do things.

00:48:42:08 00:48:49:20
You know and then once I learn Reiki that gave me the tools

00:48:49:20 00:48:55:05
as well as the structure that was needed to allow my abilities

00:48:55:05 00:48:59:11
to really start to take hold and move in the direction

00:48:59:23 00:49:03:17
that... -So, you are Luke Skywalker before he met Yoda.

00:49:03:17 00:49:06:12
- [laughs]

00:49:06:19 00:49:13:15
I've seen this movie, Vibe. [laughs] - Wow. But I mean for a

00:49:13:15 00:49:14:09
better, I mean that's

00:49:14:09 00:49:16:18
pretty good metaphor. - No, that's awesome. That's an

00:49:17:14 00:49:23:03
perfect analogy. Yes, it's yeah. I got you. It's um, it

00:49:23:03 00:49:27:23
was quite like one of those types of scenarios where everything

00:49:27:23 00:49:31:08
that she was showing me, I was picking up like it was mine

00:49:31:08 00:49:36:11
already. And you know, of course, with anything that's

00:49:36:11 00:49:39:00
new is like, you need to build up confidence with it

00:49:39:00 00:49:47:03
and practice, of course, but energy was easy. It actually

00:49:47:03 00:49:51:14
came pretty easy. Now, making sure that it was focused

00:49:52:00 00:49:55:17
because I realized and self-discovery, I learned that my

00:49:55:17 00:49:58:11
energy is kind of like, ah, I can fill a room with it,

00:49:58:11 00:50:01:20
you know what I mean? It's like a beacon in the night and I've

00:50:01:20 00:50:06:14
learned how to control that and to not be so intrusive

00:50:06:23 00:50:12:03
with my energy and not to put people on the defensive because

00:50:12:03 00:50:17:08
I'm just booming so loud, you know what I mean? But Reiki

00:50:17:08 00:50:22:17
really resonated with me and with that, it allowed a lot

00:50:22:17 00:50:28:08
of awareness to come to light and clarity, to start

00:50:28:08 00:50:34:23
to happen. It was a very like I do Reiki on myself and

00:50:34:23 00:50:37:20
one of the things is, you know, just to kind of explain

00:50:37:20 00:50:43:05
what Reiki is, is or what I would do as a facilitator is,

00:50:43:05 00:50:47:11
I, you know, you create a safe space for somebody and then

00:50:47:11 00:50:51:14
you allow you flow universal life energy. The energy is

00:50:51:14 00:50:55:20
all around us, but we flow that you flow that through you

00:50:55:20 00:50:59:20
into that of the person. And that's what touch or not touch

00:50:59:20 00:51:02:05
depends on how they want to do it. I've administers license.

00:51:02:14 00:51:05:05
So as long as I have permission, I am legally, I'm able

00:51:05:05 00:51:07:05
to touch people. You know what I mean? As long as I have the

00:51:07:05 00:51:11:17
permission to do such from them, you know. But you're able

00:51:11:17 00:51:15:20
to flow the energy and the beauty of it is is I am grounding

00:51:15:20 00:51:21:11
you at the same time. So then therefore, you get to experience

00:51:21:11 00:51:24:14
what it's like to actually or you can't experience. Not

00:51:24:14 00:51:27:20
everybody does, it's always everything is different for

00:51:27:23 00:51:29:26
everybody, that's what makes us unique and that's what makes

00:51:29:26 00:51:32:11
us so beautiful, because it's never the same for each and

00:51:32:11 00:51:35:05
every person. And every session is at never, they're always

00:51:35:05 00:51:37:00
exactly the same. There's always going to be different.

00:51:37:00 00:51:39:17
It depends on what you need and what's for your highest

00:51:39:17 00:51:42:20
good. It's always about what your for your highest good.

00:51:44:17 00:51:47:08
But you get the opportunity to ground me, ground the person,

00:51:47:17 00:51:49:17
and you get to feel what it's like and what that energy

00:51:49:17 00:51:53:03
flowing, you know, you feel the tinglings or you feel

00:51:53:03 00:51:58:17
lighter, but the beauty of it is, it gives you an opportunity

00:52:00:11 00:52:07:05
to feel loved. And to flow love. And if you're open to

00:52:07:05 00:52:11:23
it, you get to experience that love. Now, the whole idea

00:52:11:23 00:52:14:23
is for you to do this on your own and not have to keep

00:52:14:23 00:52:18:08
coming to me or going to other healers to feel this. The

00:52:18:08 00:52:22:17
idea the concept is to get you to love yourself and to

00:52:22:17 00:52:26:08
be open to who you are. So therefore, you you lose the

00:52:26:08 00:52:31:14
veils of the lies or the, the facades. That veil comes down

00:52:31:14 00:52:34:00
and you get to see the truth of who you are. And when you

00:52:34:00 00:52:38:26
acknowledge who you are, you let go of the past. Because

00:52:38:26 00:52:42:08
a past got you there. So you're thankful for it. You know,

00:52:42:14 00:52:46:05
you end up appreciating everything everything's becomes

00:52:46:05 00:52:48:03
like a blessing because you're like I got to experience

00:52:48:03 00:52:51:23
this. I had a chance to learn this and even though it sucked,

00:52:51:26 00:52:55:14
oh boy, did it suck but I am so much better because of

00:52:55:14 00:52:59:23
it now, you know. And in some cases is you know there's a

00:52:59:23 00:53:05:03
level of I can say this with truth comes freedom. You know,

00:53:05:03 00:53:08:14
when you accept the truth of who you are, you're free,

00:53:09:14 00:53:12:23
you get to be you. You don't worry about what everybody else

00:53:12:23 00:53:15:03
is thinking or saying or... - So, the hardest lessons in life is

00:53:15:03 00:53:23:00
to learn. - It is, and this path has put me in that direction

00:53:23:08 00:53:29:17
and I have had the blessing and opportunities to help other

00:53:29:17 00:53:36:11
people discover that for themselves. And it's pretty, it's

00:53:36:11 00:53:39:20
pretty phenomenal and it's very moving and powerful when

00:53:39:20 00:53:43:03
you get to see it. You know, somebody's holding on to something

00:53:43:03 00:53:46:11
like, put down those bricks. - Now, what kind of issues would

00:53:46:11 00:53:48:26
like if so there are people living to listen to

00:53:48:26 00:53:52:14
this anybody. - And I wonder if that would help with X whatever

00:53:52:14 00:53:55:00
their problem maybe, maybe it's they're little depressed.

00:53:55:00 00:53:57:20
Maybe they're, they're battling the, what are their demon

00:53:57:20 00:54:00:17
maybe. What kind of what are kind of, some of the go to

00:54:01:05 00:54:05:00
things that you think that Reiki could help especially

00:54:05:00 00:54:12:14
if they're Down 2 Vibe? [laughs] -So when people are depressed

00:54:12:26 00:54:14:20
and there's going to be, there's always going to be other

00:54:14:20 00:54:17:08
different depiction of this or descriptions of this hobby,

00:54:17:08 00:54:21:17
want to look at it but you're disconnected. You are not

00:54:21:17 00:54:24:17
flowing energy. You know, you end up you kind of create

00:54:24:17 00:54:27:23
an island of yourself and then you wallow in that island,

00:54:28:14 00:54:32:17
you know. With the Reiki and using Reiki, I'm reconnect.

00:54:32:17 00:54:36:08
You creating a situation where you become reconnected. And

00:54:36:08 00:54:39:05
when you're connected, mind you, universal life energy

00:54:39:05 00:54:44:05
is love is life. That is nothing but love. When you're

00:54:44:05 00:54:49:05
flowing that, there's no room to be depressed. Just think

00:54:49:05 00:54:51:08
about it when you're filled with nothing but positive,

00:54:51:08 00:54:55:26
light, and energy, there's no room for the depression, there's

00:54:55:26 00:54:59:20
not very much, there's no room for anger, you know, room

00:54:59:20 00:55:06:00
for grief. You know, what is some of that? You know, there's

00:55:07:08 00:55:09:20
you prove you're filled with nothing but happiness and

00:55:09:20 00:55:14:08
love and peace. It's phenomenal. You know that's the whole

00:55:14:08 00:55:18:03
concept is you push everything out that you don't need

00:55:18:05 00:55:22:14
and you fill yourself up with love and compassion. And

00:55:22:14 00:55:27:14
that positive light. You're happy. You, it's almost like you

00:55:27:14 00:55:30:11
have no choice but to be happier. Like why am I so damn happy?

00:55:30:25 00:55:31:19
[chuckles] - Yeah.

00:55:31:19 00:55:34:14
- You know. And you know that you've known me for quite

00:55:34:14 00:55:39:17
a while, and you know and it's it makes things whole lot

00:55:39:17 00:55:42:05
easier when you're looking at things just like yeah, okay,

00:55:42:08 00:55:45:15
cool. [laughs] - I'm happier just talking to you. - Yeah, right.

00:55:45:15 00:55:47:16
- [laughs] - I'm like, damn, you fucking positive.

00:55:47:16 00:55:48:23

00:55:48:24 00:55:49:26
- Oh, shit. - No, it's

00:55:49:26 00:55:55:08
amazing. Now, as far as just like I explained, everything

00:55:55:08 00:55:59:17
that happens with your body before shows up here on the

00:55:59:17 00:56:03:26
physical plan, it is somewhere in your energy field. It

00:56:03:26 00:56:06:23
starts there, there that's when it starts ringing a bell

00:56:06:23 00:56:10:05
and try to get your attention. Now, whatever it is, it could

00:56:10:05 00:56:14:05
be regret. You know regret runs havoc on yourself like, it's

00:56:14:05 00:56:21:11
amazing. Like you know repressions things like that, it

00:56:21:11 00:56:24:11
can it, can wreak havoc on your body. But no, but first of

00:56:24:11 00:56:28:00
all, it first starts in that energy field. Now, the more

00:56:28:00 00:56:31:11
you ignore it, the closer to the body, the physical form

00:56:31:17 00:56:34:03
it gets. Now, the closer gets, you'll start to notice

00:56:34:03 00:56:35:08

00:56:35:08 00:56:40:20
appearing on your body. Some cases, for me, I tore my knee.

00:56:42:03 00:56:45:03
The second time. The first time, I think it probably try

00:56:45:03 00:56:47:23
to get him to slow down. And I was just too young and I

00:56:47:23 00:56:50:14
was like, no, no, I'm not ready. I wasn't ready at the

00:56:50:14 00:56:53:00
time. But that was the first thing I do is because that

00:56:53:00 00:56:56:03
slowed me down, and then I sped right back up as soon as

00:56:56:03 00:56:59:23
I could, right. Second time it happened, it slowed me down,

00:56:59:26 00:57:03:20
but this time, instead of it just doing the left knee knocked

00:57:03:20 00:57:06:11
out the right knee. Oh okay, that's not going to work.

00:57:06:11 00:57:08:17
He's going to try to go as quickly as he can again. We'll

00:57:08:17 00:57:11:05
take out the back. You know, it just got more aggressive

00:57:11:08 00:57:14:14
about trying to slow me down to get me to pay attention,

00:57:14:26 00:57:18:20
to figure out what's going on. So when people are having

00:57:18:20 00:57:22:14
elements, no matter what the element is, it started somewhere

00:57:22:14 00:57:25:23
in the energy field. And once it manifests here, the beauty

00:57:25:23 00:57:29:11
about Reiki, as I said, with you creating a safe space,

00:57:30:03 00:57:33:11
it gives you an opportunity to figure out what the root

00:57:33:11 00:57:39:03
causes. Now, this is one of the things I love so much. If

00:57:39:03 00:57:43:03
you figure out what the root causes, and you're able to

00:57:43:03 00:57:47:05
identify it and let it go and make peace with whatever

00:57:47:05 00:57:52:26
it is and replace that with love and positive energy, why

00:57:52:26 00:57:58:03
would you have that element that was tied to it? You wouldn't

00:57:58:11 00:58:02:00
if you figure out what the root and the root is gone, everything

00:58:02:00 00:58:04:17
that was everything that was considered considered collateral

00:58:04:17 00:58:08:23
damage of that root issue disappears with it.

00:58:09:11 00:58:11:14
Because there's no point in, there's the lessons learned.

00:58:12:23 00:58:15:23
And that's, as I said, it's an opportunity for you to grow,

00:58:15:23 00:58:21:26
evolve, change. It's a beauty. - I can get with that and so,

00:58:21:26 00:58:26:14
no matter what, no matter if you got depression, guilt,

00:58:26:20 00:58:30:26
anger, unresolved daddy issues, I mean strippers would

00:58:30:26 00:58:35:02
love some Reiki. [laughs] But you know, all of these things

00:58:35:02 00:58:38:00
because I think about my life all the baggage I carry around

00:58:38:00 00:58:41:03
all the time. And just thinking about like man, that's you

00:58:41:03 00:58:44:11
know, lots of things. We regret guilt, all these stupid

00:58:44:11 00:58:47:03
little things, you just kind of pick at me. And thinking

00:58:47:03 00:58:50:11
that, you know, it wouldn't be so hard just to let it go,

00:58:51:00 00:58:53:14
especially, if I could give it a name, you know. If somebody

00:58:53:14 00:58:56:14
was just kind of like because you you taught kind of taught

00:58:56:14 00:58:59:17
me a little bit about grounding and basically it's like,

00:58:59:20 00:59:02:23
you know, take your shoes off when you're in your yard,

00:59:03:17 00:59:07:00
stand in the grass for a minute. And I started I thought

00:59:07:00 00:59:08:23
about that. And I was like, you know, I don't know that

00:59:08:23 00:59:11:03
I ever really did that. And then, this whole summer, every

00:59:11:03 00:59:13:05
time I'm in my backyard, I took my shoes off and bow I

00:59:13:05 00:59:17:20
could tell I felt a very powerful distance difference and

00:59:17:20 00:59:21:14
just having my feet in the dirt. Just but now I know why people

00:59:21:14 00:59:23:11
like to walk in the sand. You know, it's just grounding

00:59:23:11 00:59:26:14
out to the Earth, letting that energy clear out and reset.

00:59:26:14 00:59:29:00
So I really do but I don't know how deep I'm willing to

00:59:29:00 00:59:34:00
go yet in my brain into, you know, the greater cosmic healing

00:59:34:00 00:59:39:08
power of universal life, right? But I can really believe

00:59:39:08 00:59:43:17
in the idea that you are an electrical being, your energy

00:59:43:17 00:59:49:17
is, is the only reason you are alive. Is your-- the magnetic

00:59:49:17 00:59:51:13
field around you to think... - Well I think about it. - that can

00:59:51:14 00:59:52:08
shock you, you

00:59:52:08 00:59:54:13
can shock me. - Yeah. - There's got to be something. - You have

00:59:54:13 00:59:55:18
it fast working because

00:59:55:18 00:59:58:03
where they do, they zapped you with electricity. - Yeah.

00:59:58:05 01:00:01:17
- But that should be a clear sign right there. Electricity

01:00:01:17 01:00:04:03
can stop you from living and it can start you to live

01:00:04:03 01:00:06:15
in. There get you back to living. - And what is it, what is

01:00:06:15 01:00:07:09
like electricity? - It's

01:00:07:09 01:00:10:29
energy. - Exactly. [whooshing sound]

01:00:10:29 01:00:12:19
- Hey guys, I just wanted to take a minute

01:00:12:19 01:00:14:11
and tell you a little bit about our friends over there.

01:00:14:11 01:00:19:14
It 's; is your one-stop

01:00:19:14 01:00:24:26
shop for your honey do list. Maybe you need your yard mowed.

01:00:24:26 01:00:27:20
You need a little bit of light landscaping. You need help

01:00:27:20 01:00:32:00
moving. You need any type of labor that you might need.

01:00:32:00 01:00:34:20
You can get through Just go in there

01:00:34:20 01:00:38:03
putting GritCity, one word, you get 10 bucks off, your

01:00:38:03 01:00:40:11
supporting ChooseVets, you're supporting veterans, you're

01:00:40:11 01:00:43:03
getting sheet down around your house, it will get done.

01:00:43:03 01:00:47:02
It'll get done right. Check out

01:00:47:19 01:00:49:09
[whooshing sound]

01:00:50:06 01:00:51:17
So, you've

01:00:51:17 01:00:53:20
decided that this is your calling, this is what you want to

01:00:53:20 01:00:58:00
do. - Yep. And most, I've accepted that it's been amazing.

01:00:58:05 01:01:02:05
It's been literally amazing. Yes. - So we, you've coined

01:01:02:05 01:01:05:00
the name Down 2 Vibe, which I love. I think that is very

01:01:05:00 01:01:08:17
clever. I could see that right next to the yoga studio

01:01:08:17 01:01:12:05
in Malibu, you know. [laughs] Just like, like, go in there and

01:01:12:05 01:01:14:26
get your reset on, you know. - Yes. - Come in there,

01:01:14:26 01:01:15:20
and you know,

01:01:15:20 01:01:18:17
it's better that it's got to be better than therapy, right

01:01:18:17 01:01:20:26
up there with a massage, you know. Go in there and get

01:01:20:26 01:01:24:05
get your mind right at the very least. Even if you don't

01:01:24:05 01:01:27:20
believe in the and the cosmic energy, get in there and get

01:01:27:20 01:01:31:14
your reset, you get that relaxation. Have a moment, feel

01:01:32:05 01:01:36:03
the rotation of the earth. Feel the power of your beingness.

01:01:36:03 01:01:39:13
Right? - Right. - So there's your commercial. [laughs]

01:01:39:13 01:01:40:07
Get your power

01:01:40:07 01:01:46:20
of your being on. [laughs] So for more information, you can send

01:01:46:20 01:01:49:17
an email to I'm sure there

01:01:49:17 01:01:52:17
will be a better email coming. You want me to give your

01:01:52:17 01:01:55:20
phone number and hit you up? - They can call me. - I just have

01:01:55:20 01:01:58:03
your phone number here. - Yeah. - You can give him a call

01:01:58:03 01:02:03:17
or text at 206-669-7268. Don't call him in the middle

01:02:03:17 01:02:07:00
of the night or maybe you can call him, I don't know. You

01:02:07:00 01:02:09:16
can get him at Twitter, it down to reiki, and that is

01:02:09:16 01:02:14:05

01:02:14:05 01:02:16:17
You can get them on Facebook at Down 2 Vibe, just

01:02:16:17 01:02:21:14
search him, and learn something, you know. He's a great

01:02:21:14 01:02:24:26
guy. Obviously, we had a good time. - Yes. Fantastic, man.

01:02:24:26 01:02:26:22
Like... -Anything else you want to plug? - all that kinda stuff.

01:02:27:05 01:02:28:00
Alternative stuff

01:02:28:00 01:02:30:11
we've had a couple of times and it's fantastic.

01:02:31:00 01:02:34:23
I think anytime you can get outside of the normal medical

01:02:34:23 01:02:37:05
establishment, I think it's... - Yeah, it's pretty hard to deny

01:02:37:05 01:02:41:11
what you did. Like the, what you've got going on, like

01:02:41:11 01:02:45:03
you did that. And I know you, I know you didn't have some

01:02:45:03 01:02:48:03
miracle surgery. [laughs] I know you didn't have money for a

01:02:48:03 01:02:52:11
stem cell injection. -Right. -Like there's no other way to

01:02:52:12 01:02:53:06
explain that other

01:02:53:06 01:02:56:08
than your power of your mind taking over your body

01:02:56:08 01:02:59:05
and saying, listen here, bitch, [chuckle] you goofy fuck

01:02:59:05 01:02:59:29
you're getting out of

01:02:59:29 01:03:02:17
this chair. [laughs] Whether you want to or not, let's go

01:03:02:17 01:03:05:00
out there. Let's get all the help we need. I believe in

01:03:05:00 01:03:08:00
all of that 100%. - When you touched on a little bit with

01:03:08:00 01:03:10:20
the medical stuff, a lot of people don't realize it medical

01:03:11:11 01:03:14:03
the medical practice. A lot of it has to do. Well, the

01:03:14:03 01:03:16:20
word practice is right in there. So a lot of times they

01:03:16:20 01:03:20:05
they're just working with things they see or the things

01:03:20:05 01:03:22:20
they've done in the past. -Right. -And they just repeat the same

01:03:22:20 01:03:25:08
things over and over and they ignore new to new things

01:03:25:08 01:03:29:00
coming out, new studies, you know, new treatments. They

01:03:29:00 01:03:31:26
just ignore that because it's not part of their everyday

01:03:32:20 01:03:36:11
book of things they practice, right? So, sometimes you

01:03:36:11 01:03:38:14
have to look outside the box. I think it's fantastic to do.

01:03:39:00 01:03:43:14
- Absolutely, I didn't, I've never fit within the standard,

01:03:43:23 01:03:46:17
this is okay when they wrote the book about like this

01:03:46:17 01:03:48:17
is how people are supposed to respond, that's how things

01:03:48:17 01:03:52:14
work. I don't fit in that. You know what I mean? Pretty much

01:03:52:14 01:03:54:11
need to take that book, chuck it, throw it out the window,

01:03:54:11 01:03:56:08
burn it, I don't know what you need to do. But you actually

01:03:56:08 01:03:59:03
just need to be open-minded and kind of that's just look

01:03:59:03 01:04:01:26
at it for what it is and work with it from there. And if

01:04:01:26 01:04:04:20
you're not open, it didn't work. - Come back when you are

01:04:04:20 01:04:06:21
open. - Right. -Hopefully you get there. -I've actually had to

01:04:06:21 01:04:09:17
kick out, I had to kick out a doctor about that because I

01:04:09:17 01:04:13:14
was like, I need you to be open. And I asked her was like,

01:04:13:14 01:04:16:23
are you open to look at this and not saying that you have

01:04:16:23 01:04:19:17
to do things this way, it has to be this way? Because obviously,

01:04:20:00 01:04:22:26
I don't know if you notice, but look at my chart, it doesn't

01:04:22:26 01:04:25:26
work for me. -Right. -Well, you found something that did

01:04:25:26 01:04:28:11
and you sharing that with people, that's a huge deal, man.

01:04:28:14 01:04:32:00
- Good for you. -Yeah. -We are really excited to be able to help

01:04:32:00 01:04:36:14
and see that, see that grow. I really believe that just

01:04:36:14 01:04:38:20
by the very nature of the person you are, the people being

01:04:38:20 01:04:42:14
able to spend that time and get that kind of energy going,

01:04:42:23 01:04:45:23
it's got to be fun. Good for everybody. -Yup. -Now, I want to

01:04:45:23 01:04:50:26
say this, when it comes to Reiki it is not always about

01:04:51:00 01:04:54:08
I'm gonna fix this. Don't look at it as like going to a

01:04:54:08 01:04:58:17
doctor, it's not about I'm going to fix your broken leg. No,

01:04:58:17 01:05:02:26
I'm gonna, I'm gonna help you, help you figure out why

01:05:02:26 01:05:07:03
did you have that broken leg? And to make sure that once

01:05:07:03 01:05:10:14
you identify those things, and once you, as I said, you'll

01:05:10:14 01:05:13:03
eliminate the root causes, you won't continue to have those

01:05:13:03 01:05:16:08
things happen. You see them in. And then, of course, with

01:05:16:08 01:05:19:23
your body flowing, and the blockages being cleared, you're

01:05:19:23 01:05:22:23
able to heal better, or you have a better chance of healing

01:05:22:23 01:05:25:23
better. -Yeah. -You know, it's always subjective and it's always

01:05:25:23 01:05:28:26
for your highest good. So some people, I've had some people

01:05:28:26 01:05:31:20
come to me and, you know, they're like, oh, I got this

01:05:31:20 01:05:34:23
going on, I want this, I want you to fix this. I'm like,

01:05:34:23 01:05:38:08
well, actually, it doesn't work that way. That's

01:05:38:08 01:05:44:00
Western medicine. This alternative medicine is to help

01:05:44:00 01:05:48:15
heal all of you. Mind, body, spirit. -A by-product to that

01:05:48:15 01:05:49:09
helps your leg

01:05:49:09 01:05:52:08
heel... -Exactly. -great. -Because here's the thing. If you get

01:05:52:08 01:05:55:20
the whole engine running properly, everything else works

01:05:55:20 01:05:59:03
perfectly well with. - Holistic medicine. - Exactly.

01:05:59:03 01:06:01:26
Exactly. You know, and that's definitely one of those

01:06:01:26 01:06:06:11
situation. So for those who are listening, come with an

01:06:06:11 01:06:12:23
open mind. Leave your expectations at the door. And enjoy

01:06:13:03 01:06:16:20
and feel the love that's about to happen. - Yeah. Leave

01:06:16:20 01:06:22:08
with a happier, healthier way of living. Outlook on life, a

01:06:22:08 01:06:25:08
lighter feeling. I don't know what else to say. I think

01:06:25:08 01:06:27:15
that's pretty great. - Yup, that wraps it up. That is perfect.

01:06:27:15 01:06:29:05
- So, thank you very much. It's just been

01:06:29:05 01:06:34:05
Vibe Smith. -Okay. - Look for him on Facebook and well...

01:06:34:14 01:06:35:08
- Can I leave with

01:06:35:08 01:06:39:05
one quote? - Don't say Namaste or Amistad. - No, not

01:06:39:05 01:06:47:15
at all. [laughs] I'm gonna fucking keep that forever. [laughs]

01:06:47:21 01:06:48:15
- I'm just gonna leave

01:06:48:15 01:06:53:17
with this one quote. For today only, "Do not be

01:06:53:17 01:06:59:08
angry, do not be anxious, and be grateful. Work hard and

01:06:59:08 01:07:05:20
be kind to others". [foreign language]. - You've been listening

01:07:05:20 01:07:09:25
to The Grit City Podcast. Check them out at

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