Grit City Podcast – Episode 118


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Hey guys, I just wanted to take a minute and give a little

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final shout out to one of our biggest fans, this lady

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is been there since day one. She's liked everything, re-shared

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everything, done whatever she could to help support us.

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[inhales deeply]

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And unfortunately, she passed away a couple of weeks ago.

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So, I just wanted to give her a little read of her obituary

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so you know that we lost somebody. Jill Fairchild Adams,

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born January 17th 1943, completed her life's journey on

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February 22nd 2017. Surrounded by her family and friends

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in the Franciscan Hospice House in University Place, Washington,

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she was preceded in death by her husband Willis G. Adams,

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her baby daughter Leslie Nadine Wells, and her parents,

00:00:46:08 00:00:51:08
Brogan Mixon Fairchild and Kathleen Daniel Fairchild. Survived

00:00:51:08 00:00:55:05
by her daughter Melissa Wells from Gig Harbor, Washington

00:00:55:05 00:00:59:17
and Grandson Milo Egans in Denver Colorado. Her son Brogan

00:00:59:17 00:01:03:13
Adams, yours truly, and her granddaughter, Ciara Adams

00:01:03:14 00:01:07:23
of Tacoma, Washington. Her daughter Rain Adams, who currently

00:01:07:23 00:01:11:14
resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, her sister Sandra Fairchild

00:01:11:14 00:01:16:03
Green of Ventress, Louisiana, and Penny Fairchild Arp of

00:01:16:03 00:01:19:20
Las Cruces New Mexico. The family requested any donations

00:01:19:20 00:01:23:02
be made in Jill's name to the Pointe Coupee Animal Shelter

00:01:23:03 00:01:29:29
at 9628 Morganza Highway in New Roads, Louisiana 70760,

00:01:29:29 00:01:34:11
or to the Franciscan Hospice House at 2901 Bridgeport

00:01:34:11 00:01:39:15
Way West in University Place, Washington 98466.

00:01:39:15 00:01:41:23
Private burial arrangements were made

00:01:41:23 00:01:45:08
in the Cottonwoods Cemetery in Lodi, Louisiana. Life is

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short, you know. You got to support the people that you

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love and keep their memory close to your heart because

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that's at the end of it. That's all we leave. Hope you

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enjoy the rest of the podcast.

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Welcome to the Grid City

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Podcast. Actually, you say that because your voice is way

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better than mine.

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[laugh] - [inhales deeply]

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- Welcome to the Grid City Podcast. - All right.

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Well, some of you that our listeners may know that voice.

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That voice is the Grit City champion of to 2016. - Was for sure.

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-Yeah. For sure you kicked some dicks in the dirt including...

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You kick Rusty's dick in the dirt. - Yeah. - He's our highest

00:02:26:17 00:02:28:20
download because he's the very first one, so when you put

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it in to any whatever you listen to if you've never

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done it before, he's always the first one that pops up.

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So, that's the one that's automatically played.

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- To their first episode ever.

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- You beat that guy I don't know how. - Two. - Yeah.

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Which that's... I mean that's

00:02:41:05 00:02:43:23
a hard thing to do because you look at any podcast that

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when they do that, that's where they start, they start

00:02:45:17 00:02:47:02
at the beginning. - I feel very blessed.

00:02:47:03 00:02:49:12
- Unless you change it to do it

00:02:49:12 00:02:53:22
by most recent, the default in a lot of them. - I see.

00:02:53:23 00:02:56:09
- Is... - The first one.

00:02:56:09 00:02:57:26
- Is the first one, starts from the beginning,

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like a story. - Right. - Which nobody should ever go and listen

00:03:00:23 00:03:02:03
to the first episode of the podcast.

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- Because it's awful, awful, awful awful.

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- But... - Hey, you got great numbers on that one

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and then we put you out as a best of and he got the best numbers

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on that one. - Yeah, and the best stuff they get to. So...

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- Yeah. Oh, wow.

00:03:12:12 00:03:14:20
- Yeah. I'm going to give you at least 25%

00:03:14:20 00:03:16:14
credit for the fact that we could afford to buy all new

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gear. - Sure.

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- Happy to help. - Yeah. We like that about you.

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- Alright. And for those of you who don't know who this is,

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this is Mr. Vibe Smith from, is a

00:03:29:17 00:03:35:00
good way to find him. He is a longtime lifetime friend

00:03:35:00 00:03:39:26
of mine, as far as I'm concerned. He is a spiritualist.

00:03:39:26 00:03:42:04
I don't think that's unfair to call you. He is...

00:03:42:04 00:03:45:13
- That's correct. - A...

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- God, I want to call you a shamanm

00:03:47:02 00:03:48:25
that'd be the way I'd sell you

00:03:48:25 00:03:50:23
to somebody. But then, people think that you maybe carry

00:03:50:23 00:03:52:26
a medicine bag and wear a loincloth, although that should

00:03:52:26 00:03:56:23
be an outfit for Halloween, I mean on this picture.

00:03:56:25 00:03:57:25
- I think it would be better

00:03:57:25 00:04:00:17
just to go with a healer. - A healer. - A natural

00:04:00:17 00:04:04:23
healer. - An enlightened being. A natural healer. But not

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like naturopathic like you're gonna sell me some pills

00:04:08:17 00:04:13:20
full of some junkie found in the backyard like a soul

00:04:13:20 00:04:16:26
healer, an energy healer. I don't know. Tell people a little

00:04:16:26 00:04:19:14
bit about what it is you do. When somebody says, "Hey Vibe,

00:04:19:14 00:04:24:14
what do you do for a living?" - So, what I do is I create a

00:04:24:14 00:04:27:23
safe space and provide the energy necessary from

00:04:27:23 00:04:32:19
me being neutral to allow you to actually heal yourself.

00:04:32:20 00:04:35:23
Definition of true healing. Because you know what's best

00:04:35:23 00:04:39:14
for you and I listen to it, me being a medium, I can actually

00:04:39:14 00:04:42:05
listen to you tell me what needs to be done, and then

00:04:42:05 00:04:46:20
I provide you choices of love or fear. Now, hopefully you're

00:04:46:20 00:04:50:00
choosing love, that's the ideal way to go but that's

00:04:50:00 00:04:53:20
all I'm doing. There is no manipulation, there's no force,

00:04:53:20 00:04:56:28
you go as fast as you want to because this is your journey

00:04:57:00 00:05:01:03
not mine. There's no ego involved. There's no judgment.

00:05:01:05 00:05:04:26
It's just you healing yourself in a safe place with an

00:05:04:26 00:05:09:20
exorbitant amount of energy. - See, I could not have put

00:05:09:20 00:05:13:05
that together. Those words would have been lost upon me

00:05:13:05 00:05:17:04
and but oh no, man. He just he shakes a voodoo bag and...

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- And she changes for people. But you know, when I started this

00:05:22:08 00:05:25:08
journey is in our friendship, it was a very different thing.

00:05:25:11 00:05:29:00
- Yes. - And I've talked about that in our last podcast, you

00:05:29:00 00:05:32:14
know, where you came from was not a person that is jumping

00:05:32:14 00:05:34:11
in on the- I mean, I'm not saying that you were not a

00:05:34:11 00:05:36:23
religious person who did not believe in an extra- you know,

00:05:36:23 00:05:39:08
in power of any kind. But that is not where your focus

00:05:39:08 00:05:42:23
was in life. - No, not at all. - No, you had plans

00:05:42:23 00:05:45:26
to jump deep into the IT world, you wanted to travel the

00:05:45:26 00:05:48:23
world with a laptop and fix things remotely from the beach.

00:05:48:23 00:05:50:20
- Exactly. - That's what you wanted. - Exactly.

00:05:50:20 00:05:53:14
- You wanted a... And that's crazy to think,

00:05:53:15 00:05:55:08
because you could do it, you knew who could? - Yes , I could.

00:05:55:08 00:05:56:03
- Yeah - [laughs]

00:05:56:03 00:05:58:20
- You have the ability. You are not... You are technologically

00:05:58:22 00:06:03:17
savvy as either one of us, and to see that, you know, you

00:06:03:17 00:06:06:23
went through your trials with

00:06:06:23 00:06:09:05
the wheelchair. - Yes. - Line that out for them real quick.

00:06:09:05 00:06:11:26
That way we...for people that are not have a listen to the

00:06:11:26 00:06:16:11
other one. - So, you know, short story. I try to make it

00:06:16:11 00:06:23:03
quick. Pretty much, I injured myself in the military. When

00:06:23:05 00:06:26:14
got healed up there and then follow that quite a few years

00:06:26:14 00:06:31:05
later, injured myself again. And then this is also where

00:06:31:05 00:06:34:11
my partner stepped in after I injured myself the second

00:06:34:11 00:06:39:10
time. I was put on a waiting list for a year, basically.

00:06:39:11 00:06:42:14
And during that period of time, she was pretty much taking

00:06:42:14 00:06:47:18
care of me, Sky, my lovely Sky. So gangsta, she's so gangsta.

00:06:47:18 00:06:51:25
But she had my back and she's is taking care of me and...

00:06:51:26 00:06:55:08
While I was trying to recuperate from the knees situation,

00:06:55:08 00:06:58:26
both my knees torn meniscus, I ended up herniating my

00:06:58:26 00:07:02:05
back and then I start getting nerve damage when that herniation

00:07:02:05 00:07:07:17
[inaudible], and then the medical doctors and

00:07:07:17 00:07:11:23
the surgeons, particularly orthopedic, was trying to say that

00:07:11:23 00:07:14:23
basically telling me to stay away from stairs and not to

00:07:14:23 00:07:18:08
do this. Basically is to stop living. They're telling her

00:07:18:08 00:07:21:26
that early 30 something year old to stay away from stairs,

00:07:22:00 00:07:26:20
good times. But yeah, that was pretty much the the whole

00:07:26:20 00:07:31:00
process there, and then once the surgery started to come

00:07:31:00 00:07:35:05
around, and that was even a debacle to begin with because

00:07:35:05 00:07:37:28
there was a lot of hesitation on the medical side. And so,

00:07:38:00 00:07:40:20
I think it just get prolonged and constant going back and

00:07:40:20 00:07:44:14
forth and when they did the-they finally did the knee

00:07:44:14 00:07:47:08
surgeries, they did both of them at the same time. Well

00:07:47:08 00:07:51:05
you need your back to heal your knees. And then six months

00:07:51:05 00:07:53:26
later, they did the back surgery. And then, that first surgery

00:07:53:26 00:07:58:05
took away my ability to move my legs. And then that surgeon,

00:07:58:05 00:08:02:20
try to kick me out of the hospital because he has whatever

00:08:02:20 00:08:07:27
issues with people that don't look like him. And then, he ended

00:08:08:00 00:08:10:17
blowing out my back in that process so then two days

00:08:10:17 00:08:14:08
later, I had to get another surgery to give me the ability

00:08:14:08 00:08:18:02
to start to move have Sensations in my legs again,

00:08:18:05 00:08:20:26
and to be able to move my big toe.

00:08:20:26 00:08:22:15

00:08:22:16 00:08:24:26
- So, yeah, that

00:08:24:26 00:08:28:23
was after that second surgery, and then that was another

00:08:28:23 00:08:32:05
long process of trying to heal because once again to heal

00:08:32:05 00:08:36:11
your back, you need your knees and vice versa. So yeah,

00:08:36:11 00:08:38:14
it was a lot of trials and tribulations. It was pretty

00:08:38:14 00:08:41:23
hard, but fortunately, as I said, I was able to get an

00:08:41:23 00:08:48:01
exorbitant amount of support from Sky. My mom was there.

00:08:48:03 00:08:50:11
I had some friends that came through, that was awesome,

00:08:50:11 00:08:51:29
you know what I mean.

00:08:51:29 00:08:53:26
Like it was... It helped. It definitely

00:08:53:26 00:08:58:18
helped but it was it was tough times and with the medical

00:08:58:20 00:09:01:16
system failing me in the way that it was, and being treated

00:09:01:16 00:09:04:17
like a drug addict and then being treated like a homeless

00:09:04:17 00:09:09:14
person, and then being profiled and you know, all those good

00:09:09:14 00:09:12:08
things you don't want to experience and you wish didn't

00:09:12:08 00:09:18:08
exist, but they do. That actually push me in

00:09:18:08 00:09:20:17
the direction of going more of the energy way, going to

00:09:20:17 00:09:23:23
eastern medicine and then that's what start putting me

00:09:23:23 00:09:26:26
in this path, and then finding out what my natural abilities

00:09:26:26 00:09:31:14
were and what resonated with me. It wasn't western medicine,

00:09:31:17 00:09:36:23
it wasn't the narcotics, it wasn't the intrusive behavior,

00:09:36:23 00:09:40:26
or having to navigate through the profiling of how

00:09:40:26 00:09:44:08
to get results when everybody should be just treated equal

00:09:44:08 00:09:47:11
when you show up. We are all trying to get help, right?

00:09:47:11 00:09:49:10
So yeah, that's what...

00:09:49:10 00:09:50:29

00:09:50:29 00:09:54:00
- That's what got me in this direction.

00:09:54:00 00:09:57:23
- Well, and when you experience something as profound as being

00:09:57:23 00:10:03:00
able to help yourself from a position that maybe you weren't

00:10:03:00 00:10:08:00
even really aware you could do to get such a result. I

00:10:08:00 00:10:11:05
mean, we spent a lot of time together when you had a wheelchair,

00:10:11:05 00:10:14:14
you had to worry about... Where I had to literally worry about

00:10:14:14 00:10:18:11
you coming to visit with a gap that was, you know, five

00:10:18:11 00:10:20:26
inches high from my dorm like, well, shit house. If I'm

00:10:20:26 00:10:23:00
gonna get through that, doorway, you know, we just gotta...

00:10:23:03 00:10:25:08
- Right. - You know, and it was never that sad. It wasn't like,

00:10:25:08 00:10:27:17
I had to get a special ramp for my four inches' door

00:10:27:17 00:10:28:22
clearance but...

00:10:28:22 00:10:29:16

00:10:29:16 00:10:30:23
- You know, thinking about that kind of stuff

00:10:30:23 00:10:34:00
to somebody now that walks in here completely unassisted...

00:10:34:00 00:10:39:25
- Yes - That has had...from me made quite the recovery.

00:10:39:26 00:10:40:25
- I am regrowing

00:10:40:25 00:10:44:09
cartilage. - What? - Yeah. - Is that a thing you can do?

00:10:44:11 00:10:45:05
- According to

00:10:45:05 00:10:49:28
Western medicine, no, that it cannot be done. But I'm

00:10:50:00 00:10:53:18
finding out that there's a lot of things that are not in

00:10:53:18 00:10:54:12
that book.

00:10:54:12 00:10:56:02
[knocking] - [laughing]

00:10:56:03 00:10:57:19
Well, I mean, that's a fact, right? Like that's

00:10:57:19 00:11:00:03
where shit starts. - Yes, you know, there's- it's basically

00:11:00:03 00:11:02:03
like, if it's not in the book, it doesn't exist. And I'm

00:11:02:03 00:11:04:24
like, well that book seems awfully small then. - Yeah.

00:11:04:24 00:11:06:07

00:11:06:08 00:11:08:20
- Well, and

00:11:08:20 00:11:11:11
you've had you know, you pointed over to the lovely

00:11:11:11 00:11:16:05
Miss Sky, who's sitting over here with us and you know,

00:11:16:05 00:11:20:26
she is a prime example of what a partner should

00:11:20:26 00:11:24:05
be. Because I saw her wheel your ass around. - Yes. - And

00:11:24:05 00:11:26:03
you know, she wasn't happy about it some days. I know

00:11:26:03 00:11:29:20
she wasn't happy about it. Like she went through it

00:11:29:20 00:11:32:11
with you. You don't married to her. You don't own your

00:11:32:11 00:11:34:14
at the time. You don't own a house with her, I mean, she

00:11:34:14 00:11:37:00
didn't have to be there for you. - Nope, not at all. - No.

00:11:37:00 00:11:39:17
And the fact that at the end of it, you are as grateful

00:11:39:17 00:11:42:16
and knowledgeable of the sacrifice that she took for you.

00:11:42:17 00:11:43:11
- Oh, absolutely.

00:11:43:11 00:11:45:13
- I mean, that's your down homie. Like when I tell people like

00:11:45:13 00:11:48:00
I know some people that have strong relationships, watching

00:11:48:00 00:11:50:26
what she had to put up with you... - Right. - I mean that

00:11:50:26 00:11:53:25
is... Put a ring on it, son. Get on it.

00:11:53:25 00:11:54:19

00:11:54:19 00:11:55:21
- I mean, that's a

00:11:55:21 00:11:58:05
good girl. - Well, we're not into the whole marriage thing,

00:11:58:05 00:12:01:20
but definitely the spiritual rings. Yeah, it's on clack

00:12:01:20 00:12:05:08
clack. Yeah, I got it on lockdown. - Yeah. Yeah, she knows

00:12:05:08 00:12:07:18
where you sleeping at night.

00:12:07:18 00:12:08:21

00:12:08:21 00:12:11:09
Yeah, no. But I've always... I mean, really, because the

00:12:11:09 00:12:13:22
day we all went to the park with the food truck thing,

00:12:13:22 00:12:17:11
you were having a bad fucking day anyway, and... - I was trying

00:12:17:11 00:12:20:03
to drift in that wheelchair. - Yeah, you did. You were racing

00:12:20:03 00:12:22:23
little kids in wheelchair. - Yeah. - Like in... - Well if I was

00:12:22:23 00:12:24:04
stuck in it, I'm going to make the best out of it.

00:12:24:04 00:12:25:02
- You might as well make the best of it.

00:12:25:02 00:12:26:23
- Right. - You can be as guns going on.

00:12:26:23 00:12:27:17

00:12:27:19 00:12:29:18
She's flexing. Got the most

00:12:29:18 00:12:31:26
upper body strength of any wheelchaired black man, with a

00:12:31:26 00:12:34:14
good attitude I've ever seen. And that's the thing about you,

00:12:34:14 00:12:37:03
you've never had...nobody ever put your light out and that

00:12:37:03 00:12:39:26
has to be a part of that spirituality. - That is one of those

00:12:39:26 00:12:45:08
things that even from a young age, I was always happy one.

00:12:45:11 00:12:48:26
Like, I was always emotional, I was always sensitive, but

00:12:48:26 00:12:54:05
it was like, I enjoyed to be happy and I got to watch vicariously

00:12:54:05 00:12:56:23
through other people. That it was like, it takes a lot

00:12:56:23 00:12:59:23
of energy to suck, and I don't mean just like suck in that

00:12:59:23 00:13:04:01
way, but it's like to actually have a poor attitude to

00:13:04:03 00:13:08:03
like, man, to frown. I'm like really, you gotta wake up

00:13:08:03 00:13:11:19
early to practice that. Like it just kind of threw me off. Like,

00:13:11:20 00:13:17:24
how much effort it actually takes to be negative and I'm like,

00:13:17:26 00:13:20:20
"You know what, here's the hand I'm dealt with. This is

00:13:20:20 00:13:23:26
where I'm at. I'm gonna make the best that I can out of

00:13:23:26 00:13:26:17
it." And then because, there's other people that there's a

00:13:26:17 00:13:29:26
level of accountability, why am I going to bring them down?

00:13:29:26 00:13:32:23
This is my scenario. I don't need to make things

00:13:32:23 00:13:35:14
worse for other people when it wasn't their choice. It's

00:13:35:14 00:13:38:12
not their fault, so why should I blame them?

00:13:38:12 00:13:39:11
You see what I mean? - Yeah.

00:13:39:11 00:13:42:20
Why take your shitty situation and make everybody

00:13:42:20 00:13:45:26
else's situation already harder than it has to be. - Right.

00:13:45:26 00:13:49:00
- You know, because it takes a shitload of energy to be nasty

00:13:49:00 00:13:52:00
and negative to somebody. It just take any energy at all to love

00:13:52:00 00:13:54:08
somebody. - Well, this is the one of the things that kind

00:13:54:08 00:13:58:11
of cracks me up because it's like, "Excuse me for cursing,

00:13:58:11 00:14:02:23
to be shitty." That's taught. You don't come out just shitty.

00:14:02:23 00:14:05:22
You don't come out just like, "I don't want to talk to you."

00:14:05:23 00:14:06:17
- She said, "Maybe."

00:14:06:17 00:14:09:08
Well, no, okay wait. There's always some exceptions

00:14:09:08 00:14:11:08
to the rule. Fair enough. There's this somebody's like

00:14:11:08 00:14:14:03
exceptions to the rule. Some people just come out like

00:14:14:03 00:14:16:22
straight out of Gremlins, you know?

00:14:16:22 00:14:17:16

00:14:17:16 00:14:18:12
I know that millennials

00:14:18:12 00:14:21:08
may not understand. - That's a great way to put it. They

00:14:21:08 00:14:24:23
just come out, just like, "I'm just, this is my role in this

00:14:24:23 00:14:29:26
lifetime is to make everything so suck." Yeah, you know,

00:14:29:26 00:14:32:01
credit, and you can't you know, that's the rule.

00:14:32:01 00:14:33:05
- I count myself fortunate

00:14:33:05 00:14:35:11
not being able to put that label on anybody in my life

00:14:35:11 00:14:37:14
right now. - Okay. I'm sure that there's somebody. If you

00:14:37:14 00:14:38:16
think hard enough..

00:14:38:16 00:14:39:22
- Yeah, the guy that owns the keys like...

00:14:39:22 00:14:41:01
- You're going to be like, "Oh, yeah.

00:14:41:01 00:14:41:27
There's this person."

00:14:41:27 00:14:43:13
But like nobody I'm on a first-name

00:14:43:13 00:14:44:22
basis now in my life right now. No, because I think you try

00:14:44:22 00:14:47:20
to separate those people from your life. If you're smart,

00:14:47:20 00:14:50:11
you do, right. We got to. - In most cases, I don't know. I...

00:14:50:11 00:14:52:00
- See I've always had the experience that kind of come out to

00:14:52:00 00:14:55:14
you see as a little sideways. Like, this is one of the things

00:14:55:14 00:14:58:15
that I've always appreciate down south. Everybody's honest

00:14:58:17 00:15:00:20
From you got three minutes. There's that three minutes

00:15:00:20 00:15:03:14
to truth, right? Since it's you find out whether gonna

00:15:03:14 00:15:06:11
be friends, foes, or indifferent, right, in that three

00:15:06:11 00:15:10:20
minutes. Up here, a little bit different though, because

00:15:10:20 00:15:12:17
it's like, sometimes it's like, you're like, "Hey." They

00:15:12:17 00:15:16:21
smiled, they make eye contact. We're good. No. No.

00:15:16:21 00:15:17:23
- You're talking about the freeze.

00:15:17:23 00:15:18:17

00:15:18:17 00:15:21:06
- Never mind, the Seattle freeze. I know all about that.

00:15:21:06 00:15:22:10
- I don't even. But the

00:15:22:11 00:15:24:11
thing is, I don't even know if it's just limited to just

00:15:24:11 00:15:27:11
like the Seattle thing, like it's just interesting. - It's

00:15:27:11 00:15:30:26
probably, every major city has got that problem. - The

00:15:30:26 00:15:35:14
west coast is interesting. It is a little interesting. Nothing

00:15:35:14 00:15:39:25
but love though. It's... Fortunately, I got to say this. It

00:15:39:26 00:15:43:23
helped me to be me. And so, I'm always grateful for everything

00:15:43:23 00:15:47:03
that I've experienced prior to... I'm grateful for the fact

00:15:47:03 00:15:50:23
that, you know, actually I went through all those trials

00:15:50:23 00:15:54:00
and tribulations. I'm grateful that I met Sky.

00:15:54:00 00:15:57:23
I'm grateful that Sergeant dislike people of ethnicity

00:15:57:23 00:16:00:08
so much he tried to ruin my life in the manner that he

00:16:00:08 00:16:03:23
did. Because if he didn't do that, I would not have gotten

00:16:03:23 00:16:07:17
to where I am now. It took that... It took all those series

00:16:07:17 00:16:12:05
of events, all of those messed up, worst time of my life

00:16:12:05 00:16:15:23
experiences to get me to appreciate everything on such

00:16:15:23 00:16:19:11
a grand level that I'm actually willing to put myself

00:16:19:11 00:16:23:00
first and self-love, and focus on going inward, so I can

00:16:23:00 00:16:25:23
go outward. So, therefore, I'm always come in at everybody

00:16:25:23 00:16:30:20
at 100%. They get 100% of me because of all of those things.

00:16:30:20 00:16:33:08
So, I'm grateful. Like, yeah, they sucked and I tell people

00:16:33:08 00:16:35:26
and they're like, "Oh man, you're gonna sue? Blah, blah blah."

00:16:35:26 00:16:40:11
And I'm like, "No, it made me me." Because if those that... If

00:16:40:11 00:16:43:00
I didn't go through that, I wouldn't be where I'm at right

00:16:43:00 00:16:46:00
now. - The amount of negative energy would take to sue the

00:16:46:00 00:16:50:03
VA anyway, like you'd be wrapped up in a lifetime

00:16:50:03 00:16:53:05
of fucking misery and dirt flinging. - Well just to throw

00:16:53:05 00:16:56:11
this out there, just to correct it so it's understood.

00:16:56:11 00:16:59:17
The VA started the process with the knees. I went somewhere

00:16:59:17 00:17:04:03
else to get my back... to get the surgeries done on my back.

00:17:04:03 00:17:08:05
So, this was outside the VA. - Oh good. - Yes. And then that

00:17:08:05 00:17:11:00
was the surgeon, the first surgeon, he's the one that tried

00:17:11:00 00:17:15:00
to take a brother out. And then, now you know, my ethnicity.

00:17:15:00 00:17:16:08

00:17:16:08 00:17:20:18
- Yeah. - And then the second surgeon,

00:17:20:18 00:17:23:10
I would love to say his name because...

00:17:23:10 00:17:25:05
- No, we don't do that. No good get out of it anyway.

00:17:25:05 00:17:26:08
- But I know, I know. I won't do it. I'm just saying,

00:17:26:08 00:17:28:05
I would love to say his name because

00:17:28:05 00:17:31:11
he's the one that got my feet moving again. He's

00:17:31:11 00:17:34:08
the one that got things reconnected... - Oh, the one you like?

00:17:34:08 00:17:36:11
- The one that helped me. - Oh, you can say his name. We love

00:17:36:11 00:17:39:14
to give props to anybody that is a good person. - Oh, oh,

00:17:39:14 00:17:41:10
that's what's up. Like, as I said, blah blah.

00:17:41:10 00:17:42:16
- No, it's good for him.

00:17:42:16 00:17:46:23
That's that's good advertisement for him. - Dr. Ferroke[?]

00:17:46:23 00:17:49:17
at Viginia, Mason.

00:17:49:17 00:17:51:28
Thank you, mad homage. You helped

00:17:52:00 00:17:55:17
get me to where I am. - Yeah. - So... - No, we love that. Like

00:17:55:17 00:17:58:20
we have no problem with positive... Like somebody out there

00:17:58:20 00:18:01:26
doing right by people. All day long. - No, he was phenomenal. He

00:18:01:26 00:18:06:08
was phenomenal. He looked at my situation and it was kind

00:18:06:08 00:18:11:13
of cool. He was like, "I got you, I got you." You know.

00:18:11:14 00:18:14:05
And then helped me out and got things squared away. Took

00:18:14:05 00:18:19:00
me back into surgery the next day, and then it was on

00:18:19:00 00:18:23:20
to recovery, you should bring him a Thank You card. - It

00:18:23:20 00:18:27:17
would be... Yeah, actually you know, I guess I could... - Walk

00:18:27:17 00:18:29:21
in to [inaudible]. - That would make his day.

00:18:29:21 00:18:31:03
- Because at first was a while I got...

00:18:31:03 00:18:32:17
I don't want to go back in there. - No, show him you're

00:18:32:17 00:18:35:20
walking bring it as a card. - Yeah, no actually I was thinking

00:18:35:20 00:18:39:03
about a kind of like, you know, going in like gymnastics

00:18:39:03 00:18:42:13
style. Doing some flips and cartwheels, and just like, "Look,

00:18:42:14 00:18:43:23
this is where I'm at."

00:18:43:23 00:18:45:04

00:18:45:04 00:18:47:06
Because they... There was this con that you know,

00:18:47:07 00:18:49:23
doing the whole process or like you're never

00:18:49:23 00:18:53:23
going to be the same. There was too much that was done.

00:18:53:23 00:18:56:11
There's a lot of nerve damage. It's not going... you're not

00:18:56:22 00:19:00:10
going to be right again. Everything that I am right now,

00:19:00:11 00:19:05:11
I was told that this is not really plausible. And here

00:19:05:11 00:19:10:26
we go. Power of energy and just the power of love and self

00:19:10:26 00:19:15:03
love and not having any blockages and having that trust

00:19:15:03 00:19:17:14
and confidence and that communication with your body and your

00:19:17:14 00:19:20:11
mind and your spirit, and allowing everything to work in

00:19:20:11 00:19:23:26
a synergistic relationship where there is no ego. There

00:19:23:26 00:19:27:10
is no control, it is just free flowing love.

00:19:27:10 00:19:28:23
It's life, you know.

00:19:28:23 00:19:34:03
It is allowing this to happen. There

00:19:34:03 00:19:38:11
was a moment during my first, the first back surgery. Okay,

00:19:38:11 00:19:40:11
I'm just gonna back us up a little bit. There's a moment

00:19:40:11 00:19:48:08
on my first back surgery where I actually died. I was not

00:19:48:08 00:19:53:03
told that I died. And it took a little bit investigation

00:19:53:03 00:19:58:14
to find this out. But yes, that and that's

00:19:58:14 00:20:01:03
kind of one of those things in this is it. This is

00:20:01:03 00:20:04:14
why I appreciate that first surgeon being the way

00:20:04:14 00:20:08:14
that he was, because it actually took my life. And then

00:20:08:14 00:20:12:14
when they brought me back, it kind of turned a lot of things

00:20:12:14 00:20:19:03
on for me. And it was a... And so now, as I say, going down

00:20:19:03 00:20:23:11
this path and then with me going down to the path of energy

00:20:23:14 00:20:28:22
in trying to do Eastern healing or more natural healing.

00:20:28:23 00:20:33:11
And when I started to learn Reiki and for

00:20:33:11 00:20:39:20
me, Reiki was a mode for me to learn me. Before I actually

00:20:39:20 00:20:42:11
started Reiki, it was already brought to my attention,

00:20:42:11 00:20:44:11
I probably discovered, I could actually flow energy

00:20:44:11 00:20:48:17
already. I didn't have students struggle with that I just

00:20:48:17 00:20:50:22
didn't know how to do it. I had no structure,

00:20:50:22 00:20:52:17
I had no instruction.

00:20:52:17 00:20:59:05
I didn't, I wasn't taught. I wasn't in when I was younger,

00:21:02:11 00:21:03:05
I never got the opportunity to learn how to do me and the

00:21:03:05 00:21:08:11
way that I'm doing me now. So, Reiki was a teacher for

00:21:08:11 00:21:13:03
me and in that process, I learned how to listen, use my

00:21:13:03 00:21:16:22
medium mobility and listen to my guides and listen to energy.

00:21:16:23 00:21:19:29
Because that's when I found out. Wait, I can hear energy.

00:21:20:00 00:21:23:23
I can hear my guides. I can listen on so many different

00:21:23:23 00:21:30:11
levels. That it's with me being able to do that, it allowed

00:21:30:11 00:21:36:26
me to start to learn more of how I work. And as I'm progressing,

00:21:36:26 00:21:40:05
I realize that I'm more of a natural. I'm naturally of

00:21:40:05 00:21:43:03
a neutral person. Anybody has ever known me, I've always

00:21:43:03 00:21:46:14
treated everybody exactly the same. Whether you're a man,

00:21:46:14 00:21:49:05
women, there's no one over the other, we're all equals. - That's

00:21:49:05 00:21:50:07
a fact.

00:21:50:07 00:21:51:25

00:21:51:26 00:21:54:14
- And so for me naturally, it's like I realized I'm

00:21:54:14 00:21:58:26
actually a neutral cat. So, one of the things is, while

00:21:58:26 00:22:02:23
I was doing this and discovering, I realized that I actually

00:22:02:23 00:22:08:14
I can flow the frequency of love. And as I'm doing this,

00:22:08:17 00:22:13:11
and I'm discovering once again, myself, that's when I'm

00:22:13:11 00:22:16:08
opening up my chakras and I'm just going in. I'm going

00:22:16:08 00:22:21:22
in fearlessly and removing all the fear from my being and

00:22:21:23 00:22:25:23
making sure that there is no ego involved. Actually, basically,

00:22:25:23 00:22:27:23
I put ego in the backseat and I was like, "Look out the

00:22:27:23 00:22:33:17
window. You're not driving, no more." And with that, I realize

00:22:33:17 00:22:38:11
that and I love Reiki for what it was and what it is. I

00:22:38:11 00:22:41:26
became a Reiki master. Once again, it helped me get

00:22:41:26 00:22:45:05
here helped. I'm still called Down 2 Vibe and that

00:22:45:05 00:22:50:20
is out of homage because of my Reiki master, but I realized

00:22:50:20 00:22:56:20
that my natural gifts, resonate way more with me than me

00:22:56:20 00:23:02:03
using another modality as it were. So from there, I actually

00:23:02:03 00:23:07:03
transitioned. I transition from using Reiki to just using

00:23:07:03 00:23:12:03
my natural gifts. So now once again to illustrate, that's

00:23:12:03 00:23:17:14
why when it comes to healing, every situation is always

00:23:17:14 00:23:20:20
different because I'm listening to you and I'm coming in

00:23:20:20 00:23:24:03
with no preconceived anything. And then now, I've actually got

00:23:24:03 00:23:27:14
to the point where instead of me just flowing love, I can

00:23:27:14 00:23:30:17
flow source energy. And then, I found out that I can flow

00:23:30:17 00:23:34:08
space. I know that one kind of... - What is source

00:23:34:08 00:23:38:08
energy and space? Break that down. - Okay, so this is, I love

00:23:38:08 00:23:42:10
this. This is where it gets good. Everything is infinite.

00:23:42:11 00:23:46:20
This is the beauty of learning from basically

00:23:46:20 00:23:51:03
not learning the Dogma or the structure from a teacher,

00:23:51:05 00:23:53:26
a human teacher as it were. I learned from energy,

00:23:53:26 00:23:56:08
I learned from my guides. So, everything they're teaching

00:23:56:08 00:24:00:18
me is inifinite, everything is abstract,

00:24:00:18 00:24:01:21
there is no structure,

00:24:01:21 00:24:04:10
there's no Dogma, there's no limitation other than you.

00:24:04:11 00:24:06:26
You are the one that sets the tone for how things can

00:24:06:26 00:24:09:23
be or what they're going to be, right? So if you're thinking

00:24:09:23 00:24:13:08
small, well everything's going to be small. If you're thinking

00:24:13:08 00:24:16:05
infinite will guess what? You're going to move in an infinite

00:24:16:05 00:24:23:08
manner. So, when I start flowing love it

00:24:23:08 00:24:26:00
was very powerful and I was like, "Wow, this is amazing.

00:24:26:03 00:24:29:08
Oh my goodness, I feel like a really bright light bulb."

00:24:29:08 00:24:33:03
It's crazy. And during that process I was like, "Well what's

00:24:33:03 00:24:37:08
above this?" And then I was like, "Huh, there's source. Source

00:24:37:08 00:24:41:18
makes this." So basically, just to give a little illustration

00:24:41:20 00:24:45:08
love would be like the fuel, right? It's like the fuel.

00:24:45:08 00:24:49:05
It burns, everything runs on that fuel in some fashion

00:24:49:05 00:24:54:05
or form, it runs on it. And then, you have source and sources

00:24:54:05 00:24:58:11
like this spark. Okay. So now you got the... So now, I'm flowing

00:24:58:11 00:25:02:14
the fuel, and the spark. And it literally made

00:25:02:14 00:25:05:10
my... So, when I was falling in love, like, when I would

00:25:05:11 00:25:10:11
work on people, the sessions would be about 45 minutes

00:25:10:11 00:25:12:26
to an hour and a half. Almost is the same for like when

00:25:12:26 00:25:17:14
I was when I was working using Reiki, correct? So, 45 minutes

00:25:17:14 00:25:20:22
to an hour and a half. When I start flowing source energy,

00:25:20:23 00:25:24:03
that for 45 to an hour and a half session, went down to

00:25:24:03 00:25:29:16
15 to 20 minutes. And we did everything. And this is from

00:25:29:17 00:25:35:00
I'm clearing out all your fear. I'm clearing out all all

00:25:35:00 00:25:37:20
the negative energies within your being like, we're clearing

00:25:37:20 00:25:40:26
your whole body all at once, I'm resetting all your chakras.

00:25:40:26 00:25:44:11
I'm activating them. I'm turning them. I'm not just activating.

00:25:44:11 00:25:47:26
I'm charging them up. I'm resetting your aura. Like, I'm

00:25:47:26 00:25:52:20
doing all of these in the count of 15 minutes, maybe even

00:25:52:20 00:25:56:17
20, which normally, this would take a process. You have

00:25:56:17 00:25:59:14
to do a couple sessions to get all this stuff done. But

00:25:59:14 00:26:03:03
mind you, because I am coming from a neutral space and I'm

00:26:03:03 00:26:08:00
giving you the choice, love or fear. All of this stuff is

00:26:08:00 00:26:11:03
happening and is done. And the beauty of it is, I didn't

00:26:11:03 00:26:14:08
tell you to do this, you did it so it's yours. It will

00:26:14:08 00:26:18:13
never go away because you did it yourself.

00:26:18:14 00:26:21:08
So, if you never came back to me, you'll always be right

00:26:21:08 00:26:24:23
there. You'll never go backwards. You can stop. Now, granted,

00:26:24:23 00:26:27:23
that may feel like you're going backwards, but you'll never

00:26:27:23 00:26:31:19
reverse, and so, that was using source energy, that spark.

00:26:31:20 00:26:33:18
- Did anybody else picture a flamethrower

00:26:33:18 00:26:35:14
when he's talking about the source and the love.

00:26:35:14 00:26:38:24
- You just love flame, you're just making some shit hot.

00:26:38:24 00:26:40:24
[laughing] - [imitating flame thrower sound]

00:26:40:24 00:26:42:04
- That's funny.

00:26:42:05 00:26:44:17
So Ben, I want to step back and say, so you died.

00:26:44:17 00:26:46:26
Tell us about that. Like how did you find that out?

00:26:46:26 00:26:47:22

00:26:47:22 00:26:48:16
- Like... Yeah.

00:26:48:16 00:26:51:23
- I'm glad you got that. - Yeah. So you actually died like in

00:26:51:23 00:26:57:14
surgery just... - Yeah. - Wow. - Yeah. I actually died. I left

00:26:57:14 00:27:04:23
my body. I was over medicated or over... What

00:27:04:23 00:27:10:05
do you call it? - Wanna say like overdose, but it's...

00:27:10:05 00:27:12:03
- Over sedated? - Over sedated, thank you. - Over sedated

00:27:12:03 00:27:13:10
to the point where your heart stopped. - They

00:27:13:10 00:27:18:02
did. I was over sedated and it was the reason and

00:27:18:03 00:27:20:00
I actually was kind of interesting because right after

00:27:20:00 00:27:24:11
that when I came out, I became immediately opiate resistant.

00:27:24:13 00:27:29:22
They had me up to 22 mg of Dilaudid every two hours and

00:27:29:23 00:27:33:11
I was talking just like this. Like it was going in, my pain

00:27:33:11 00:27:35:20
would go away for about maybe a half hour, and then it

00:27:35:20 00:27:39:03
would come right back. And they were like, "Whoa, what's going

00:27:39:03 00:27:43:13
on here?" And it was immediate, my body responded immediately

00:27:43:14 00:27:45:26
to that, it was like, "We're not letting this happen again."

00:27:46:00 00:27:50:05
- Wow. - Yeah. It was pretty amazing but it was my body

00:27:50:05 00:27:53:12
adapted instantly to that scenario.

00:27:53:12 00:27:56:13
But how I found out?

00:27:56:14 00:28:00:14
Obviously, I didn't find out through the doctors or the

00:28:00:14 00:28:02:26
surgeon, especially the surgeon, he wasn't going to tell me

00:28:02:26 00:28:09:00
anything. But, it was one of those it was... I was

00:28:09:00 00:28:12:17
going through... I was doing a healing session with one of

00:28:12:17 00:28:16:01
my colleagues at. She's phenom-

00:28:16:01 00:28:18:00
actually, I'll give her a shout.

00:28:18:00 00:28:21:26
Heather Islander, craniosacral therapist, and she's the

00:28:21:26 00:28:24:17
one that helped me actually truly identify the fact that

00:28:24:17 00:28:28:20
I'm a medium, and that the ability to hear. It was kind of

00:28:28:20 00:28:30:23
funny because I was like, I was hearing things and I was

00:28:30:23 00:28:36:11
like, "Oh." I'm like "Whoa are you doing this?" And she was

00:28:36:11 00:28:40:14
like, "No. They're here because of you. You're the one that's

00:28:40:14 00:28:43:05
here. You're the one that... Like, I know they're there but

00:28:43:08 00:28:45:14
you are the one that's interacting with them." That was

00:28:45:14 00:28:50:11
like, "Oh wow! That's amazing." Okay, this is the dismisses my

00:28:50:11 00:28:56:14
jam. Okay, so with that, I was able to be a medium

00:28:56:14 00:29:02:23
that I am. I can communicate with all aspects, from NN

00:29:02:23 00:29:07:05
at inanimate objects to the physical, the mental, the emotional

00:29:07:05 00:29:12:00
and also the spiritual. It is almost works like a universal

00:29:12:00 00:29:17:25
translator. It's kind of cool that way. So, for example,

00:29:17:26 00:29:20:08
I have the ability, if I wanted to know what's going on

00:29:20:08 00:29:24:11
with my liver or your liver... - Don't ask my liver equation.

00:29:24:12 00:29:26:21

00:29:26:21 00:29:27:15
- Don't ask, don't tell.

00:29:27:15 00:29:32:26
- Right? No, no. But like if I was to ask and of

00:29:32:26 00:29:35:14
course, when it deals with anybody outside of me, it's

00:29:35:14 00:29:37:17
always about permission. Because like normally I don't need

00:29:37:17 00:29:41:17
to know, I don't want to know, that's your business, quite

00:29:41:17 00:29:43:23
frankly. There's so many other beautiful things I'd rather

00:29:43:23 00:29:46:14
be paying attention to my little that I don't

00:29:46:14 00:29:49:17
really pay attention to what's going on with people,

00:29:49:17 00:29:52:00
especially if they're not healed because a lot of times,

00:29:52:00 00:29:57:01
like the mental and the lot of things are, they're so similar.

00:29:57:03 00:29:59:23
It's like it's so cultivated that is almost like the same

00:29:59:23 00:30:05:00
thing over and over and over. So either way, during our

00:30:05:00 00:30:09:11
healing session, it was time for me to actually, I had

00:30:09:11 00:30:12:20
actually reached a place where I had truly reached love,

00:30:12:20 00:30:15:26
and I was actually... I forgave everything prior to that.

00:30:16:00 00:30:19:05
And the way I was able to forgive it, I was thankful

00:30:19:05 00:30:23:14
for where I was. And so, being dyslexic in this manner because

00:30:23:14 00:30:26:02
I couldn't do it forward, because I was like, "That sucked,

00:30:26:03 00:30:29:20
that was horrible." That was, oh my goodness, that person,

00:30:29:20 00:30:31:23
why are they still here? You know, I mean, that type of

00:30:31:23 00:30:36:00
deal. But then when I went reversed and when I did it from

00:30:36:00 00:30:39:05
where I'm happy that I'm walking, I'm happy that I can

00:30:39:05 00:30:42:08
smile, that I can wake up every day. Like, I'm just a preacher,

00:30:42:08 00:30:45:23
I'm happy that I got Sky with me, you know. I'm happy that

00:30:45:23 00:30:48:11
my My mom supports me the way she does and she's always

00:30:48:11 00:30:51:22
here, you know what I mean. That I got friends that actually

00:30:51:23 00:30:54:17
show up and interact with me and I'm not getting shunned.

00:30:54:17 00:30:59:16
And, you know, I'm not dealing with all this negativity.

00:30:59:17 00:31:03:00
that was once bestowed upon me, that I was constantly dealing

00:31:03:00 00:31:07:20
with every day of my life for a while. Being

00:31:07:20 00:31:12:05
grateful on that level, I was able to... Thank you. Thank

00:31:12:05 00:31:16:00
you passed. Thank you, hardships. Thank you, trauma. And

00:31:16:00 00:31:18:26
I know I said this before, but once I got to that point,

00:31:18:26 00:31:21:00
it was crazy because I was meditating and then everything

00:31:21:00 00:31:23:26
just cleared up and I felt so much lighter and literally,

00:31:24:00 00:31:26:20
it felt like my vibration just went through the roof on

00:31:26:20 00:31:30:00
that one. Like, it was just like, I was gonna start floating

00:31:30:00 00:31:33:11
or something. It was amazing. So, when I went to go see

00:31:33:11 00:31:38:11
Heather and we were doing, we had a session, I was ready

00:31:38:11 00:31:42:23
to hear the message from my heart and it literally was

00:31:42:23 00:31:47:14
an experience I don't know how to describe it other than

00:31:47:14 00:31:52:17
the fact that I was able to physically experience that

00:31:52:17 00:31:56:26
scenario that happened when I was on that slab. And also,

00:31:56:26 00:32:03:17
hear my heart talk to me about it. I'm just gonna put this

00:32:03:17 00:32:08:05
out there, your heart never wants to stop and its primary

00:32:08:05 00:32:12:08
concern is keeping you alive. And when it fails or when

00:32:12:08 00:32:16:05
it stops beating, it is like I have one job,

00:32:16:05 00:32:19:08
right? Is like I got one job and I can't do that one job

00:32:19:08 00:32:22:23
anymore. It's like the worst thing ever. Like, it's crazy.

00:32:22:23 00:32:25:00
I didn't even know my heart had emotions like that. Why?

00:32:25:00 00:32:27:17
It's my heart, right? But I didn't know that it was like this

00:32:27:17 00:32:32:00
really, and it was really hard. And to experience

00:32:32:00 00:32:34:05
that and actually to experience what it felt like for your

00:32:34:05 00:32:41:08
heart to actually stop, it was amazing,

00:32:41:11 00:32:45:23
scary and beautiful all at the same time. Like, it was

00:32:45:23 00:32:48:14
almost like the worst moment, but the best moment

00:32:48:14 00:32:52:23
of my experience because it brought things into clear perspective.

00:32:52:23 00:32:55:20
While I was just like, "Wow." And that's when I discovered

00:32:55:23 00:32:58:00
and then that's when my heart was telling me, we

00:32:58:00 00:33:01:00
stopped, we got zapped, we were dead. I was... That heart

00:33:01:00 00:33:05:14
was not beating three to five minutes. And

00:33:05:14 00:33:07:17
it got a little gray after that because I actually have

00:33:07:17 00:33:11:00
stepped out of my body. So when that It happened, it was,

00:33:11:00 00:33:14:26
you know, time is no longer relative, really. It's only

00:33:14:26 00:33:16:00
relative in the physical.

00:33:16:00 00:33:16:24

00:33:16:24 00:33:18:06
Once you step out is like times

00:33:18:06 00:33:22:14
kind of like whatever. So, that's how I actually found

00:33:22:14 00:33:25:20
out. I actually found out during a session when my heart

00:33:25:20 00:33:28:29
actually broke it down and then, I actually had to re-experience

00:33:29:00 00:33:34:11
what it felt like to die. So therefore, every all of me

00:33:34:11 00:33:37:11
as a whole was on the same page, because every

00:33:37:11 00:33:40:20
part of me knew except for my conscious. The conscious

00:33:40:20 00:33:43:20
was the last one to show up to the party, right? And so,

00:33:43:23 00:33:45:23
I had to get caught up. And when that happened, that's

00:33:45:23 00:33:48:17
when things really started to move forward, because now

00:33:48:17 00:33:52:23
it's moving together as a one mind body and spirit. - Well

00:33:52:23 00:33:55:14
and that's happened since the last time you were here...

00:33:55:15 00:33:58:05
[fizzles and pop]

00:33:58:05 00:34:03:08
- Hey, we like Jazz Bones. Jazz Bones is our newest partner

00:34:03:08 00:34:06:17
in this here crazy game of podcasting and show promotion.

00:34:06:20 00:34:09:03
They're super great. The reasonably priced, they've got

00:34:09:03 00:34:12:03
great drink specials all the time. Monday night is Rockerokey,

00:34:12:03 00:34:14:11
if you've ever wanted to give it a shot at the rock

00:34:14:11 00:34:18:23
star dream, you can get up on stage and karaoke with a

00:34:18:23 00:34:21:20
live band playing behind you to one of the... Oh, it is probably

00:34:21:20 00:34:25:23
the oldest karaoke in the city. Jazz Bones is great

00:34:25:23 00:34:29:07
Thursday night's ladies night. So, get out meet people.

00:34:29:08 00:34:32:05
There's always something different going on there, 2803

00:34:32:05 00:34:34:20
6th Ave, swing on by. Tell them you heard about them on

00:34:34:20 00:34:38:08
the podcast. Check it out. So the dockyard Derby Dames

00:34:38:08 00:34:41:23
Season 11 is upon us. Their next bout is at Pierce College

00:34:41:26 00:34:45:17
out there at 9401 Farwest Drive, South West in Lakewood,

00:34:45:17 00:34:47:20
the same place they've been for the last couple of seasons

00:34:47:20 00:34:52:03
at least. In April 29th, is their season championship. You

00:34:52:03 00:34:54:11
haven't had a chance to check out Roller derby or maybe

00:34:54:11 00:34:57:00
you just didn't know it was in the area, please take a

00:34:57:00 00:34:59:08
little journey out there. Check these girls out, you can swing

00:34:59:08 00:35:03:03
by their website at It's a great

00:35:03:03 00:35:05:23
affordable evening. They have a wonderful beer garden so,

00:35:05:23 00:35:07:14
you can get out there and have a little fun. It's a good

00:35:07:14 00:35:10:10
idea for a date. Get out there in groups, family friendly.

00:35:10:11 00:35:13:08
Kid tickets are only 12 bucks, 12 bucks if you got your

00:35:13:08 00:35:16:08
military ID, and they're $12 if you buy them in advance at

00:35:16:08 00:35:19:03 Just get in there and search for

00:35:19:03 00:35:22:00
the Dockyard Derby Dames and they're $15 at the door. It's

00:35:22:00 00:35:25:03
a lot of fun. The doors open at 5, bout starts about

00:35:25:03 00:35:28:03
six. Campus is beautiful, there's lots of parking. Get out

00:35:28:03 00:35:29:12
there and have some fun.

00:35:29:13 00:35:31:04
[fizzles and pops]

00:35:31:05 00:35:32:16
Now we'll kick this jammy into

00:35:32:16 00:35:34:26
the next part of this. Now we've got everybody completely

00:35:34:26 00:35:43:19
caught up on what live maybe, is so last we saw,

00:35:43:20 00:35:47:08
you were you got your website up, your

00:35:47:08 00:35:50:26
business cards made. Now, you move forward you've got an

00:35:50:26 00:35:53:20
actual space, you're doing things in. How has that been for you?

00:35:53:20 00:35:59:17
- I got to do this. So, It was just is very serendipitous

00:35:59:17 00:36:03:26
that things happened the way they did. So then, when I

00:36:03:26 00:36:07:20
last time I was here, shortly after that, I joined a group,

00:36:07:20 00:36:12:14
business networking group. I joined them because every

00:36:12:14 00:36:16:17
time I try to talk to anybody in West Seattle, they did

00:36:16:17 00:36:20:11
not respond to me well. No matter how I presented, no

00:36:20:11 00:36:23:17
matter how big the smile was, even if I got somebody else

00:36:23:17 00:36:26:23
to introduce me, I can't get the time or day. Like, it was

00:36:26:23 00:36:31:04
just very unfortunate. And so, I joined the business group

00:36:31:05 00:36:36:14
and during that I was able to cultivate me like a base.

00:36:36:14 00:36:42:00
I turn being the business group into... I don't know.

00:36:42:00 00:36:44:01
Can I say the name? - Yeah, why not.

00:36:44:01 00:36:47:23
- Yeah. BNI Awesome, the West

00:36:47:23 00:36:50:26
Seattle Champions, cool, bunch of cats. They allowed me

00:36:50:26 00:36:54:00
to be me. And it was cool because even the ones that were

00:36:54:00 00:36:57:05
like, "`I'm probably never going to talk to that guy." They

00:36:57:05 00:37:01:17
still were cordial, so I appreciate it. Thank you for the

00:37:01:17 00:37:04:14
ones that haven't talked to me. I thank you for being friendly

00:37:04:14 00:37:11:08
enough, anyway. So, when I joined BNI, and it was cool

00:37:11:08 00:37:14:08
because as I said, like I was working on me developing

00:37:14:08 00:37:18:08
my abilities transferring over from doing Reiki to using

00:37:18:08 00:37:21:03
just healing hands, which is just a natural ability to flow

00:37:21:03 00:37:26:14
energy through me into somebody else. And healing hands

00:37:26:14 00:37:31:11
has been in my family. It's been passed down. So, once I

00:37:31:11 00:37:35:00
transferred over that it was weird. Like, I kid you not,

00:37:35:00 00:37:40:00
my clientele, my clients doubled. Like all of a sudden

00:37:40:00 00:37:44:14
when I went from Reiki to join, only my natural gifts.

00:37:44:14 00:37:47:14
All of a sudden like things just doubled. I always just

00:37:47:14 00:37:51:03
got super busy. It was almost like overnight and I was

00:37:51:03 00:37:54:20
working out of my home and I'm very thankful for one of

00:37:54:20 00:37:59:08
my colleagues who actually gave me the heads-up. She informed

00:37:59:08 00:38:02:23
me, she was like, she basically just kind of let me know.

00:38:02:23 00:38:09:10
It's like, I'm having troubles sending people over to you

00:38:09:11 00:38:11:11
and I was just like, "What's going on?" You know what I

00:38:11:11 00:38:18:03
mean, like, what's happening? "Well, you're a black male

00:38:18:05 00:38:20:26
and you work out of your home." Those are like basically

00:38:20:26 00:38:23:20
three whammies again, shit. And it's hard for me to send

00:38:23:20 00:38:27:25
people to you and so I was like, "Not a problem. Got you.

00:38:27:26 00:38:30:17
Thank you for being honest." - That's not bad advice, anyway.

00:38:30:17 00:38:32:10
- No. I was like, I had to wait...

00:38:32:10 00:38:34:13
- How would a Senator go see Scott's, why that? - No.

00:38:34:13 00:38:36:12

00:38:36:12 00:38:37:17
- And then, you know what t's weird, anytime we

00:38:37:17 00:38:40:17
have to go to somebody's house to do work, right. - That's true.

00:38:40:17 00:38:42:27
- But see, like down south and a lot of other places,

00:38:42:27 00:38:43:21
the safest place

00:38:43:21 00:38:46:26
to do energy work from somebody who does energy work is

00:38:46:26 00:38:49:05
their home. - Probably true. - That is the most groupies to

00:38:49:05 00:38:53:14
jump in at that. - Yeah. Fair enough, fair enough. And

00:38:53:14 00:38:57:16
so, with that being said, it was so awesome.

00:38:57:17 00:39:00:11
Because when she told me this, I made a phone call later

00:39:00:11 00:39:04:11
that day. That next morning, I got a call back, "I have

00:39:04:11 00:39:07:26
a spot available for you at this location." Which is

00:39:07:26 00:39:11:26
now my office, and it was just like I'm Tomo

00:39:11:26 00:39:14:27
like everything was greased. It was so smooth.

00:39:15:00 00:39:18:11
Everything just happened and even then from once I switched

00:39:18:11 00:39:21:20
to that place, I start getting people off the street, in

00:39:21:20 00:39:25:08
the grocery store. We go to restaurants, they're like,

00:39:25:11 00:39:27:20
they start a talk with me, I'm telling what I do, they're

00:39:27:20 00:39:29:20
like, "Oh, you got a card?" I'm like, "Yeah, I got a card."

00:39:29:20 00:39:31:11
And then next you know, they're booking an appointment

00:39:31:11 00:39:35:05
with me. Like, I don't have to... I'm not advertising.

00:39:35:05 00:39:38:14
I'm not pushing. Well one, it kind of contradicts

00:39:38:14 00:39:42:03
my stand, where I stand being neutral. - Yeah, you don't

00:39:42:03 00:39:45:08
have any sales pitch? - No, I don't need one. - Anybody that

00:39:45:08 00:39:47:16
sits around you long enough realizes that you're on something

00:39:47:16 00:39:48:10

00:39:48:10 00:39:49:04

00:39:49:05 00:39:51:13
- And you've been like that long before this ever came around.

00:39:51:13 00:39:54:23
Anybody gets near you and they can feel going off you. It's like

00:39:54:23 00:39:57:11
sitting next to the sweaty guy on the bus, you just smell

00:39:57:11 00:40:02:01
it. You know, that there's something going on. - That's awesome.

00:40:02:03 00:40:06:26
- Well, and you know, go back to what I said earlier,

00:40:06:26 00:40:09:00
where I had always kind of been up and down with this whole

00:40:09:00 00:40:11:01
idea. But I mean, I've always considered

00:40:11:01 00:40:12:11
you to be an extraordinary

00:40:12:11 00:40:16:08
human being and whatever it is. If anybody could to get

00:40:16:08 00:40:19:23
any lesson from you, whether they believe or not, in power

00:40:19:23 00:40:24:20
or your chakras or whatever, any of that, even just a little bit

00:40:24:20 00:40:28:03
of what Vibes got, would be better for everybody in the world.

00:40:28:03 00:40:30:17
If everybody could get a little bite of that, and that's

00:40:30:17 00:40:32:17
I mean, that's just coming from somebody that doesn't believe

00:40:32:17 00:40:33:20
in a lot of things...

00:40:33:20 00:40:34:14

00:40:34:14 00:40:36:25
- But having seen that way that

00:40:36:25 00:40:39:00
my life has been in the last year, you have to believe

00:40:39:00 00:40:42:14
in some of that shit. Like my mother just passed. You happen

00:40:42:14 00:40:45:00
to know a little bit about that because my mother always

00:40:45:00 00:40:46:20
wanted to have a session with you ever since the first

00:40:46:20 00:40:49:11
podcast because she's our biggest fan. Like, that girl liked

00:40:49:11 00:40:53:08
and loved and shared and commented, and everything. Everything

00:40:53:08 00:40:57:23
she could do for us. And, you know, we tried to set that

00:40:57:23 00:40:59:23
up, you know. She'd asked for it, but she was just

00:40:59:23 00:41:02:08
too ill and too embarrassed of her living situation, to

00:41:02:08 00:41:06:20
have anybody come to the house? - I see. - So, when she went

00:41:06:20 00:41:09:13
into hospice, it was like, "All right, this is your shot girl.

00:41:09:14 00:41:12:14
We're going to get this set up." Like, I'll call Vibe and

00:41:12:14 00:41:15:14
get that done. And then they put on sedation and you came in

00:41:15:14 00:41:18:14
and, you know, in front of a bunch of people that you didn't

00:41:18:14 00:41:21:23
know, much of southern white women. I don't know what the

00:41:21:23 00:41:22:18
fuck's going on.

00:41:22:18 00:41:23:19

00:41:23:20 00:41:25:02
They're like, "What is this big beautiful black

00:41:25:02 00:41:27:20
man doing with our sister under sedation in the bed?" And

00:41:27:20 00:41:29:23
you didn't blink an eye. You knew what you were there for.

00:41:29:23 00:41:32:17
You could feel it. - Yeah. - And, you did your work and you

00:41:32:17 00:41:35:20
gave feedback that not necessarily everybody in that room

00:41:35:20 00:41:38:00
wanted to hear that you felt coming from my mother, and

00:41:38:00 00:41:40:17
I don't think that you would lie to anybody or hurt anybody

00:41:40:17 00:41:44:03
like this is what you felt. And, you gave that feedback and

00:41:44:03 00:41:46:17
causal strife in the room. But it came from a place of

00:41:46:17 00:41:49:03
love and honestly, every one of us would have told you that's

00:41:49:03 00:41:54:11
probably exactly what her will would have been. And, you

00:41:54:11 00:41:56:23
know, we're standing there talking. Just me you and my

00:41:56:23 00:41:59:20
older sister, and my mother's laying in the bed under sedation

00:41:59:20 00:42:02:17
in the hospice house. And we're talking and we're looking

00:42:02:17 00:42:04:17
and I cut to the left, look at my mother in the bed and,

00:42:04:17 00:42:07:12
"Man, she isn't taking a breath in a while."

00:42:07:14 00:42:09:26
- Yeah. - I'm watching. I'm watching I look at my older sister.

00:42:09:26 00:42:12:10
We will kind of look, we realize she just passed right then

00:42:12:11 00:42:15:05
because she could feel that, you know, there's a hard choice

00:42:15:05 00:42:17:26
on the table. - Yeah. - Because my my youngest sister, she's

00:42:17:26 00:42:20:17
coming into town and we were like, "Well, do we back off

00:42:20:17 00:42:22:17
that sedation to give her a chance to wake up to see her

00:42:22:17 00:42:27:08
daughter one more time." And you know, that cause some problems

00:42:27:08 00:42:29:00
because some people like, "Whoa, she's going to wake up.

00:42:29:00 00:42:30:11
We don't know what that's going to look like, is going

00:42:30:11 00:42:32:14
to be bad for which[?] terrifying?" What's this going to look

00:42:32:14 00:42:35:17
like? And you were saying, give her a shot. - That's

00:42:35:17 00:42:37:27
what she wanted. - Yeah, right. - That's what she was like

00:42:38:00 00:42:40:20
and I was repeating what she was saying, like a parrot,

00:42:40:20 00:42:44:20
you know. - And that caused some strafe and ultimately, that's

00:42:44:20 00:42:46:23
a decision for the three kids so, I was just going to put

00:42:46:23 00:42:49:17
that on the table and I was like, "Hey, what do you want

00:42:49:17 00:42:52:23
to do?" My mother didn't like to stray from the room. She's

00:42:52:23 00:42:54:16
like, "Hey, I can handle this real quick."

00:42:54:16 00:42:55:10

00:42:55:11 00:42:58:01
- Jumped out. - Yeah.

00:42:58:01 00:43:00:11
- Looked over and I mean, five minutes after that she was

00:43:00:11 00:43:02:17
just cited, that was it. - And she has some final words for you.

00:43:02:17 00:43:04:03
- And I have to honestly believe

00:43:04:03 00:43:06:08
that had been part of it? Like whatever

00:43:06:08 00:43:08:20
part of her consciousness was in there, listening to what

00:43:08:20 00:43:13:23
was going on. She was like, "Nah I got shit to do." You know?

00:43:13:23 00:43:17:05
And that was special and I'll always have

00:43:17:05 00:43:20:23
that in my family, and we thank you for that. And having

00:43:20:23 00:43:24:20
seen that, and my girl, I bought her a session based on

00:43:24:20 00:43:27:20
my experience having seen that to go down there and so

00:43:27:20 00:43:30:05
she can work through some of her problems and spend some

00:43:30:05 00:43:34:03
time with her energy with you, and she came back just completely

00:43:34:03 00:43:37:10
elated and couldn't believe it. I was like, wait a minute,

00:43:37:11 00:43:38:20
"What that black man did to you?"

00:43:38:20 00:43:39:23

00:43:39:23 00:43:43:25
- Well, my pretty white girl doing that I didn't know. Skinny.

00:43:43:25 00:43:46:05
But, you know, she was speaking just... I mean, she was feeling

00:43:46:05 00:43:51:14
colors and I mean, and it was great. Like, I think anybody

00:43:51:14 00:43:53:23
that wants to get down, should take a little journey over

00:43:53:23 00:43:57:23
to Vibes. Vibes love Castle. I let him hit you with that

00:43:57:23 00:43:58:24
love blowtorch.

00:43:58:24 00:44:00:26

00:44:00:26 00:44:03:12
You know, I just couldn't believe

00:44:03:12 00:44:05:20
like having those two, you know, she's not gonna lie to

00:44:05:20 00:44:07:21
me about it. If she thought it was bullshit,

00:44:07:22 00:44:08:29
she should've comeback

00:44:09:00 00:44:11:03
and been like, "Listen, I don't know what your friends pedaling.

00:44:11:03 00:44:13:17
He's real friendly and all..." - But this is some jabba jabba.

00:44:13:17 00:44:17:20
This is just some snake oil and that was not at

00:44:17:20 00:44:22:11
all the case. - Thank you. - And I mean, she's just as happy

00:44:22:11 00:44:24:08
as you can be and you said, you know, go home to a

00:44:24:08 00:44:27:03
place of peace. - Yeah. - You know, where you can really get

00:44:27:03 00:44:30:11
down and and feel, you know, feel the last vibration to your

00:44:30:11 00:44:35:05
tuning fork and that's what she did. And, you know

00:44:35:05 00:44:38:23
it put her in a different mind space. She's super happy

00:44:38:23 00:44:40:17
about that and she's like, "I'm gonna do that again." I'm

00:44:40:17 00:44:42:04
like, "All right, that's on your dime, girl."

00:44:42:04 00:44:43:18

00:44:43:18 00:44:44:21
You know, the first

00:44:44:21 00:44:49:08
one for free. It's like the crack man. But yeah, I think

00:44:49:08 00:44:52:23
that's great that you figured out how to walk that path

00:44:52:23 00:44:56:05
and I mean, that was really a valuable thing for us to

00:44:56:05 00:45:00:05
be able to, you know, to sit there and have that. And I

00:45:00:05 00:45:04:20
don't know nobody said shit to me about it.

00:45:04:20 00:45:08:23
I got no feedback. Like, when you said that my dad was

00:45:08:23 00:45:11:11
there and all that, we all believe that. Like everybody

00:45:11:11 00:45:13:21
knew like, you didn't know my dad that well.

00:45:13:21 00:45:14:21
- Yeah, he was yelling

00:45:14:21 00:45:17:14
at me. - Yeah, you know, he challenged your gumbo

00:45:17:16 00:45:18:15

00:45:18:15 00:45:19:21
- That's about all he did.

00:45:19:22 00:45:22:17
But you didn't know that my dad was selfish by nature.

00:45:22:17 00:45:24:13
- No. - He was - I didn't know him that well.

00:45:24:13 00:45:26:10
- No. And this shit you

00:45:26:10 00:45:28:08
said, well, I mean everybody unanimously said, "Yeah, that

00:45:28:08 00:45:30:20
sounds about right." Even though that's some shit you have

00:45:30:20 00:45:33:16
been wrong about, people would be mad at you in that room.

00:45:33:17 00:45:36:03
- Right. - Yeah, you don't stand over a lady that

00:45:36:03 00:45:38:22
is dying and say, your husband's being a selfish dick.

00:45:38:23 00:45:42:26
Unless we knew that that was absolutely very, very possible

00:45:42:26 00:45:44:17
because that's the kind of person that he was. It's not

00:45:44:17 00:45:47:03
a bad... Like nobody's saying that he's ain't loved but I mean,

00:45:47:03 00:45:50:23
his connection to his wife was unlike anybody else's. - Right.

00:45:50:23 00:45:53:08
No. Yeah, as I said like he actually yelled at me for, he

00:45:53:08 00:45:54:26
was like, "What you doing with my wife?"

00:45:54:26 00:45:57:08
And I was like, "Whoa, what are you doing?"

00:45:57:08 00:45:58:12

00:45:58:12 00:45:59:23
- Why you're still here? - Exactly. What...

00:45:59:23 00:46:01:06
- You got better shit to do, right?

00:46:01:07 00:46:02:11

00:46:02:11 00:46:06:00
No, it's one of the things is being on this path and being

00:46:06:00 00:46:09:08
where I'm at and learning, as I said, learning from my

00:46:09:08 00:46:12:17
guides, learning from energy itself and not knowing the

00:46:12:17 00:46:15:17
dogma, and the ego, that's not only passed down from teacher

00:46:15:17 00:46:20:20
to student, everything could be easy. Everything is simple.

00:46:20:20 00:46:23:25
It's like, in one of the things that I do with people

00:46:23:26 00:46:26:03
that was like, I gotta work. I gotta learn how to let go

00:46:26:03 00:46:29:17
of this and work through this. And I'm like, "Well, so here's

00:46:29:17 00:46:33:08
an option." The main thing is making that choice. That's

00:46:33:08 00:46:36:12
the most important thing that we always have, right? So

00:46:36:14 00:46:39:14
yeah, you can work. Do all this hard work and you can struggle

00:46:39:14 00:46:42:19
and like, "I'm trying to let go of this." Yeah, that's work,

00:46:42:20 00:46:45:14
but ultimately, that work is to lead you to make

00:46:45:14 00:46:49:00
the choice to say, "I'm ready to let it go." So when people

00:46:49:00 00:46:52:26
see me in that 15-20 minutes, it's like, "If you're ready

00:46:52:26 00:46:56:05
to let it go, then, guess what? I'm going to ask you and

00:46:56:05 00:46:58:20
I'll give you the energy so you can do it." And with some

00:46:58:20 00:47:01:20
people, I actually have help them remove the knowledge

00:47:01:20 00:47:04:26
of fear within them, so then when they come out, the fear

00:47:04:26 00:47:08:03
is gone. - Well, letting go of anything is hard. - Is it? - I

00:47:08:03 00:47:10:07
mean, it is. Like, I can hold a fucking grudge...

00:47:10:07 00:47:12:05
- If you do it on your own. - Forever.

00:47:12:05 00:47:13:01

00:47:13:03 00:47:16:08
And for me, like I just ran into this dude the other night,

00:47:16:08 00:47:20:14
like Friday night. I saw him and I did not like this kid

00:47:20:14 00:47:23:23
for 10 years, you know. I figured, you know, he got

00:47:23:23 00:47:28:03
his ass in a crack for... He had a 16 year old girlfriend

00:47:28:03 00:47:30:26
when he turned 18 and their parents threw him in, right.

00:47:30:26 00:47:33:14
They gave them that little child molester, Mark, on his record,

00:47:33:14 00:47:35:14
I found out about him and I used to fuck with them about

00:47:35:14 00:47:38:05
it, you know. And that's nasty and it's mean, and I'm

00:47:38:05 00:47:41:00
sorry, I did that. But he was a nasty dick to everybody

00:47:41:00 00:47:43:05
he knew. So this was all just a little way for me to just

00:47:43:05 00:47:46:03
to take him down a notch. And I realized, it'd be in that

00:47:46:03 00:47:49:05
kind of persons nasty, even in that didn't, you know? - Fear

00:47:49:05 00:47:53:04
perpetuates more fear. Yeah. - And I looked at him

00:47:53:05 00:47:55:14
and I saw that guy there, I went over there and I said

00:47:55:14 00:47:57:11
hi to him. I shook his hand and I was nice to him and I

00:47:57:11 00:48:00:20
just, you know. I knew where he was coming from.

00:48:00:20 00:48:04:11
What I did was nasty and just letting shit go and that's

00:48:04:11 00:48:06:05
hard enough and has a 10 year old grudge with some dude

00:48:06:05 00:48:09:08
who was nasty about some magic cards one time. - Right. When

00:48:09:08 00:48:12:05
you do it on your own, yes, it can be hard. But what I'm

00:48:12:05 00:48:15:05
saying is that there's always help, and to be open to that

00:48:15:05 00:48:18:20
help and just to simply say that you deserve to receive

00:48:18:20 00:48:21:17
that help and to make things easy, that's an option. And

00:48:21:17 00:48:25:11
when I deal with people, I have to explain to them, everything

00:48:25:11 00:48:28:05
is available to you, everything is an option. It's just

00:48:28:05 00:48:31:14
up to you to ask. I can't tell you what to do? I can't

00:48:31:14 00:48:34:00
lead like, I can point you in the direction but it's up

00:48:34:00 00:48:38:14
to you to drink. And from this standpoint, you have to make

00:48:38:14 00:48:41:03
that choice. But when you make that choice, I could take

00:48:41:03 00:48:44:00
you as far as you want to go. You know what I mean? I guess

00:48:44:00 00:48:47:20
there is no limitation. And as once again, there is

00:48:47:20 00:48:50:00
nothing but infinity sitting in front of you. You just got

00:48:50:00 00:48:53:09
to be open enough to receive it. And to say, first of all,

00:48:53:11 00:48:57:05
to have the self love to say that you deserve not to struggle,

00:48:57:05 00:49:01:13
you deserve to have things available, you deserve abundance.

00:49:01:14 00:49:05:17
It's all about that self-love, that confidence, that self-worth,

00:49:05:17 00:49:09:00
that were so taught and cultivated not to have. Everything

00:49:09:00 00:49:11:14
around us tells us, "It needs to be like this. It has to be

00:49:11:14 00:49:14:03
this structure. You has to have limitations. There's a top,

00:49:14:03 00:49:17:11
there's a cap, there's a bottleneck."

00:49:17:11 00:49:20:08
You know what I mean? There's so many things that are telling

00:49:20:08 00:49:26:02
us, no, no, no, no no. When actually when you go inward,

00:49:26:03 00:49:30:14
it's all yeses because that's love. That's you. That's

00:49:30:14 00:49:34:00
where we came from. There's a reason why when you're three

00:49:34:00 00:49:37:14
years old, you hug everybody. You try to shake everybody's hand.

00:49:37:14 00:49:40:20
You smile all the time. You enjoy everything, you fall

00:49:40:20 00:49:44:00
down and you laugh. There's a reason for that. Because you

00:49:44:00 00:49:48:00
came from a place of love. You're taught not to make eye

00:49:48:00 00:49:50:23
contact. You're taught to judge people. You're taught to

00:49:50:23 00:49:54:23
profile. You're taught to say, no. You're taught to say

00:49:54:23 00:49:57:20
no to yourself. You're taught to not have enough time to

00:49:57:20 00:50:00:03
spend time with you. Most people don't even know who the

00:50:00:03 00:50:03:03
heck, they are. Most people don't even know what's going

00:50:03:03 00:50:05:23
on with them internally. They don't know. - I'm one of those

00:50:05:23 00:50:08:05
people man. - They got scars from when they were a

00:50:08:05 00:50:11:23
kid and they have no idea. Why? Because they don't even

00:50:11:23 00:50:15:11
know themselves. They're not... This culture here

00:50:15:11 00:50:19:05
is not cultivating love for people to actually take the

00:50:19:05 00:50:23:11
time to love yourself. If you loved yourself and you go

00:50:23:11 00:50:26:25
out in the world, you know, what much better place would be.

00:50:26:26 00:50:28:26
Like, seriously. Because when you love yourself, you can

00:50:28:26 00:50:31:20
take the risk to say hello to somebody. You can take the

00:50:31:20 00:50:34:26
risk to the to hug somebody, because you're not risking

00:50:34:26 00:50:36:27
anything. - Don't hug them before you say hello to them.

00:50:36:28 00:50:38:04

00:50:38:04 00:50:39:14
- This is a very important message

00:50:39:14 00:50:41:07
from the Grit City broadcast.

00:50:41:08 00:50:46:05
Do not go hug people before you say hello. Surprise hugs

00:50:46:05 00:50:50:05
are weird. - Fair enough. Fair enough. No, you always want

00:50:50:05 00:50:52:22
to give people a heads up and allowed them to make a choice.

00:50:52:22 00:50:53:16
- I have, man.

00:50:53:16 00:50:55:25
You don't want to force anybody to do anything, of course.

00:50:55:26 00:50:59:14
As I said, that's one of our most powerful gifts is choice.

00:50:59:14 00:51:04:07
But once again, this culture doesn't cultivate this stuff.

00:51:04:08 00:51:06:17
And as I said, there's so much structure. There's so much

00:51:06:17 00:51:10:14
Dogma. There's so much limitation. And, I get people they're

00:51:10:14 00:51:13:11
like, "Man, I've been..." I've had people even tell me, it's

00:51:13:11 00:51:16:17
like, "I keep going to this dark place." And I'm like,

00:51:16:17 00:51:19:08
"We change your foundation from love or from fear

00:51:19:08 00:51:23:20
to love. We've transferred the control from your ego

00:51:23:23 00:51:28:05
to your true self, which is a body of love." What we removed

00:51:28:05 00:51:32:23
are the fear, the disappointment, the regret, the

00:51:32:23 00:51:37:20
shame, the guilt, the disa-, I already said disappointment.

00:51:37:20 00:51:38:29

00:51:39:00 00:51:41:08
The doubt, right? We remove all that because that's

00:51:41:08 00:51:44:08
all energetic. So once you remove that, why is it coming

00:51:44:08 00:51:47:26
back? And then, because you were taught how to go back to

00:51:47:26 00:51:51:08
it? Guess what? Being taught something means there's knowledge.

00:51:51:08 00:51:53:08
If there's knowledge that means there's energy. If there's

00:51:53:08 00:51:56:20
energy that's my jam, and I can help you get rid of it.

00:51:56:20 00:51:59:11
To let it go and even set it up so therefore, you can

00:51:59:11 00:52:04:06
no longer learn fear again because you made that choice.

00:52:04:08 00:52:08:17
But once again, it can be easy. And once you start to get

00:52:08:17 00:52:12:26
to know yourself and love yourself, and one of the most

00:52:12:26 00:52:15:00
beautiful things I teach that I work with so many people

00:52:15:00 00:52:18:17
and I try to explain this time, self-love. If you took that

00:52:18:17 00:52:21:11
three year old version of you and you sat them in front

00:52:21:11 00:52:24:00
of you, how would you show them you love you? How did

00:52:24:00 00:52:27:05
you show them you love them. - I'd hug him. I'd hug myself.

00:52:27:05 00:52:30:03
I hug little baby Brogan. - Right. You hug them. Would you tell

00:52:30:03 00:52:33:05
them you love them? - Yeah. - Would you give him a kiss in

00:52:33:05 00:52:35:08
spend time with him? - Man, I put that little bastard up on my

00:52:35:08 00:52:38:08
shoulder. I'd donkey ride his ass around the room. I would

00:52:38:08 00:52:41:26
want Little Brogan to know that older Brogan is not angry

00:52:41:26 00:52:44:14
old asshole. I never thought about that. What would you

00:52:44:14 00:52:47:08
do with you? Like you got to spend the day with three-year-old

00:52:47:08 00:52:49:03
you, what the fuck would you do Scott? - I don't know. - What

00:52:49:03 00:52:50:23
would you do? What would be the first thing you do? - I don't

00:52:50:23 00:52:53:21
know. Three year old me? - Three-year-old you. What do you gonna

00:52:53:21 00:52:55:20
do? - I don't know, man. - What would you do

00:52:55:20 00:52:57:19
to a three year old kid? - Make a breakfast.

00:52:57:19 00:52:59:23
Probably like make her watch TV. Just go watch TV, leave

00:52:59:23 00:53:00:18
me alone.

00:53:00:18 00:53:02:00

00:53:02:00 00:53:04:14
- Just kidding. I don't know, man. Probably play.

00:53:04:14 00:53:06:12
- I never ever thought about that. - I love chasing kids around

00:53:06:12 00:53:08:05
there always. - That's a great mental exercise.

00:53:08:05 00:53:09:04
- But that's actually what

00:53:09:04 00:53:10:26
self-love is. So if you think about it, that three old

00:53:10:26 00:53:14:05
version of you, all the things that you would put in that energy

00:53:14:05 00:53:17:26
towards that three-year-old you, do that to yourself. - I

00:53:17:26 00:53:21:11
started doing yoga. - Oh, my goodness. - Yeah, I'm on seven

00:53:21:11 00:53:24:23
days of yoga. - Eight days of yoga. I've got yoga today.

00:53:24:23 00:53:26:08
- This motherfucker. Like...

00:53:26:09 00:53:27:20

00:53:27:20 00:53:29:13
- That is off. - You want to see something ugly?

00:53:29:13 00:53:30:20
Watch me do yoga.

00:53:30:20 00:53:31:18

00:53:31:19 00:53:32:22
- There is a lot of beauty in this

00:53:32:22 00:53:36:17
life, but me trying to touch my top rib to my thigh in

00:53:36:17 00:53:39:08
just such a way when I'm stretching is not pretty. I'm

00:53:39:08 00:53:41:17
telling you. That is the most unattractive pose like. Touch

00:53:41:17 00:53:43:17
your bottom rib to the top of your thigh. You like, you

00:53:43:17 00:53:47:03
know, what are you doing? It's horrible. But I got a

00:53:47:03 00:53:49:26
very pretty yoga partner. So, I just stand in the right

00:53:49:26 00:53:52:23
angle and it makes you look a way better. I must say. That's

00:53:52:23 00:53:55:26
some crazy shit. Yoga's good. - Yoga is good. - Yoga fuck

00:53:55:26 00:53:58:08
you up. I always thought it was just a bunch of stupid

00:53:58:08 00:54:02:05
hippies in a field that's just kind of stretching and all

00:54:02:05 00:54:05:26
this, and all of a sudden I'm like, "Man I had cramps in places

00:54:05:26 00:54:08:26
I didn't know you could get cramps." Like

00:54:08:26 00:54:11:13
the two muscles on either side of your nuts, those

00:54:11:14 00:54:14:26
things like starting to like change and stretch and

00:54:14:26 00:54:18:23
they do interesting popping things now, and like shit

00:54:18:23 00:54:21:03
that I haven't done in a long time. - That might not be good.

00:54:21:03 00:54:21:26
- Yoga is shit, dude. - You get that checked out.

00:54:21:26 00:54:23:06
- No, it is good, I've done that

00:54:23:06 00:54:25:23
before. I've had that back in the day. - Oh, okay. - That is a

00:54:25:23 00:54:28:08
normal thing when you stretch those muscles. Muscles that

00:54:28:08 00:54:31:20
haven't been used, they freak out. But yoga's some shit and

00:54:31:20 00:54:34:14
this is all because of my more recent experiences in realizing

00:54:34:14 00:54:37:23
in my life. I have lived in this weird world that I'm worried

00:54:37:23 00:54:40:17
about money. I'm worried about what is going

00:54:40:17 00:54:43:08
to happen in the future so badly, I...

00:54:43:08 00:54:44:10
- You're so much in fear.

00:54:44:10 00:54:46:14
- Well, I realize I'm choking the fuck out of my life and

00:54:46:14 00:54:49:17
having the two people that raised me expire and looking

00:54:49:17 00:54:52:20
at what their lives look like and listening to their regrets

00:54:52:20 00:54:55:23
from their point of views, when they know death is a week

00:54:55:23 00:54:58:23
down the road. And the shit that they told me and their

00:54:58:23 00:55:00:23
hopes and their dreams for what they wanted for me, what

00:55:00:23 00:55:03:14
they wanted for themselves and realizing that so many of

00:55:03:14 00:55:08:20
us are on this route to this oblivion of nothing. Working

00:55:08:20 00:55:12:00
for somebody else where you're punching a clock eight hours

00:55:12:00 00:55:15:26
a day to make a widget, and the widget is going into this

00:55:15:26 00:55:19:05
other machine that's going to keep feeding other people

00:55:19:05 00:55:21:20
to do these exact same things. What the fuck happened to

00:55:21:20 00:55:25:11
village mentality? There was a guy with a job and his job

00:55:25:11 00:55:29:03
was helping everybody else by making an arrow. By making

00:55:29:03 00:55:32:26
a wheel, by helping attach your roof, what happened in all that?

00:55:32:26 00:55:34:29
Now, we're making fucking iPhones, you know.

00:55:34:29 00:55:36:03
- Well, so basically, is

00:55:36:03 00:55:38:15
you do whatever resonates with you. - Yeah, and that's so hard.

00:55:38:15 00:55:40:05
- Did you do whatever makes you happy?

00:55:40:05 00:55:42:05
And you actually comes from your truth,

00:55:42:05 00:55:45:14
from your heart, and is actually genuine. If everybody did

00:55:45:14 00:55:47:05
that, this world would be so much of a better place.

00:55:47:05 00:55:48:14
- And that's where fear comes in.

00:55:48:14 00:55:50:10
Because who can say, here's the stopper. How the fuck...

00:55:50:10 00:55:51:14
- Here's the stopper. The ultimate stopper.

00:55:51:14 00:55:54:00
- Like in looking at you going,

00:55:54:00 00:55:56:08
"I know damn well what you wanted to be when you grow

00:55:56:08 00:55:58:23
up." You had your IT goals. He wanted to go back to Gulfport,

00:55:58:23 00:56:01:08
Mississippi and help your community. - Yeah. - With that money

00:56:01:08 00:56:02:11
that you made that in that IT dream[?].

00:56:02:11 00:56:04:11
- I wanted to rebuild Mississippi. - Yeah.

00:56:04:11 00:56:06:00
- Literally all the Mississippi. I wanted to start and Gulfport

00:56:06:00 00:56:08:10
and work my way out. - Yeah. - But, absolutely.

00:56:08:10 00:56:09:13
- And that was your plan.

00:56:09:13 00:56:13:05
I could have told you your plan verbatim. Yeah. - And to see

00:56:13:05 00:56:16:03
that you said, alright fear, you know, you could have

00:56:16:03 00:56:18:03
done that. That very well could be a dream. It probably

00:56:18:03 00:56:20:14
still is in a lot of ways a dream but you have a different

00:56:20:14 00:56:23:24
way of looking at it. Because you were not afraid to go,

00:56:23:26 00:56:27:05
"Hey, that IT job, you take a backseat. I don't need you

00:56:27:05 00:56:29:05
anymore. I got a different thing. I'm gonna go

00:56:29:05 00:56:33:23
chase energy to find my way in this world and help carve

00:56:33:26 00:56:35:22
other people's lives. - I'm gonna be me.

00:56:35:22 00:56:38:08
- That takes a giant fucking jump of faith.

00:56:38:08 00:56:41:10
- I jumped off the cliff. - Destiny, you know.

00:56:41:11 00:56:43:10
- Like if there was a bottom of that, I would just jump in.

00:56:43:10 00:56:44:20
- You got your life partner right here, that can't

00:56:44:20 00:56:46:08
be, I mean, she has to have a little fear about that too.

00:56:46:08 00:56:48:08
- Yeah. - Or at least initially she's going to say,

00:56:48:08 00:56:49:28
"Wait, what?" When I - [laughs] - When I

00:56:49:28 00:56:52:00
met you, you were going to be an IT guy. We were partying

00:56:52:00 00:56:55:08
and hot-tubbing with Brogan with some drugs and some craziness.

00:56:55:08 00:56:56:03

00:56:56:03 00:56:59:00
And now, you're telling me that you're going to go and you're

00:56:59:00 00:57:01:14
going to set up a Hut on the street corner

00:57:01:14 00:57:04:25
and you're gonna heal people. I mean, that is some fear.

00:57:04:26 00:57:09:08
That is got to be terrifying and scary, and just to know

00:57:09:08 00:57:11:08
that somebody else is doing that and to see it, I mean

00:57:11:11 00:57:15:29
it is beautiful. I appreciate you. - Thank you, thank you.

00:57:16:00 00:57:19:26
It's been... As I said, it's been wild to show

00:57:19:26 00:57:23:26
people and just to let people know that there's things

00:57:23:26 00:57:26:05
aren't the way that they think that it has to be. Like,

00:57:26:05 00:57:30:00
I do clearings and blessings. And even when I did

00:57:30:00 00:57:33:05
your house, when I did yours, I actually I use sage that

00:57:33:05 00:57:39:03
time. Well, now, literally, it takes me... If I was to in

00:57:39:05 00:57:41:11
most situations, unless there's something going on or if

00:57:41:11 00:57:44:14
somebody needs me to do more talking or communicate more

00:57:44:14 00:57:48:11
things, but typically, I can go into any residential house

00:57:48:14 00:57:51:08
and do a clearing and blessing in under five minutes. With

00:57:51:08 00:57:52:07
no sage, no nothing.

00:57:52:07 00:57:54:17
- Yeah, I think you did about 10 and a half

00:57:54:17 00:57:55:25
or 12 minutes, maybe a little longer than in my apartment.

00:57:55:25 00:57:57:12
- And that's because I was saging it.

00:57:57:12 00:57:59:00
- Yeah. - And that was the part that took the longest.

00:57:59:00 00:58:02:05
But now, as I said once again, I've gotten to the point

00:58:02:05 00:58:05:26
and I'm a bit of resonated such a level, that I don't need

00:58:05:26 00:58:09:16
to do any of the ritual aspects of it. It's not necessary.

00:58:09:17 00:58:12:17
Now granted, if that's your jam and that's

00:58:12:17 00:58:15:00
what you need to do... - And that's what you need to make it

00:58:15:00 00:58:17:17
even feel valuable, right? - Right. Then that's what's

00:58:17:17 00:58:19:27
up. Like that to each has their own. - Customer service.

00:58:19:27 00:58:20:21
- And not everybody

00:58:20:21 00:58:22:23
has to do it the same way, and that's the beautiful part

00:58:22:23 00:58:25:14
about it. It's not everybody has to do with the exact same

00:58:25:14 00:58:28:17
way. The way that I'm able to do it that resonates with

00:58:28:17 00:58:32:23
me, I can walk in, I can feel what's going on, I can clear

00:58:32:23 00:58:36:28
the place, I can bless it and I can walk right back out.

00:58:37:00 00:58:39:26
I just did one, it took me like, literally, I think she

00:58:39:26 00:58:44:18
said it was like two minutes. But the funny thing was, she could

00:58:44:18 00:58:47:11
fit, like she was sensitive enough. She felt everything

00:58:47:11 00:58:50:11
that I was doing, and it all resonated with her and she

00:58:50:11 00:58:53:11
has not had any issues, and all the like the headaches and

00:58:53:11 00:58:56:03
all that she was experiencing are no longer. She's no longer

00:58:56:03 00:59:00:03
experiencing those. So, it's one of those things where...

00:59:00:03 00:59:01:07
What's that? - Oh, I'm sorry. - [laughs]

00:59:01:07 00:59:04:08
I'm just holding this piece of paper. I'm like

00:59:04:08 00:59:08:08
making a sign for you. Like we got five more minutes Vibe.

00:59:08:08 00:59:09:03

00:59:09:03 00:59:11:05
- No. But it was one of those amazing things

00:59:11:05 00:59:16:20
where, as I said, everything's an option. Everything can

00:59:16:20 00:59:19:23
be easy. Everything could be simple. You just got to be

00:59:19:23 00:59:22:26
willing to say that you deserve it. That you just

00:59:22:26 00:59:26:23
have to decide that you love yourself enough to allow it

00:59:26:23 00:59:30:14
to be simple and easy. Do you deserve it? I want to hope

00:59:30:14 00:59:33:23
that everybody says yes, and if they say yes and if they're

00:59:33:23 00:59:38:25
ready, I'm happy to show them just how quick and simple

00:59:38:26 00:59:44:03
healing, love, being in a good place can be. And, how far

00:59:44:05 00:59:46:14
infinite actually is. - And how do they go about getting a hold

00:59:46:14 00:59:51:11
of you? So there's a few different ways, you can either

00:59:51:11 00:59:57:02
go to my website, which is, and

00:59:57:03 01:00:01:00
you can send me an email through the website itself. I

01:00:01:00 01:00:05:00
also have Facebook going. Once again, it's Down 2 Vibe.

01:00:05:03 01:00:08:17
Twitter, I have a Twitter account. - It's got two big fan of

01:00:08:17 01:00:09:15
your Twitter account.

01:00:09:15 01:00:10:21

01:00:10:21 01:00:13:09
- I like Twitter, it's my thing. - Nice, that's what's up.

01:00:13:10 01:00:17:20
It is... So, those are the two like the social ways, they

01:00:17:20 01:00:21:17
actually get a hold of me. And then, of course, I'm down

01:00:21:17 01:00:26:26
in Active Space, 3400 Harbor Avenue, West Seattle, right.

01:00:26:26 01:00:29:11
When you get off the Harbor Avenue, exit off of the

01:00:29:11 01:00:35:08
West Seattle Bridge, big red building 322. I prefer

01:00:35:08 01:00:39:28
if you did knock on the door and it's appointment only,

01:00:40:00 01:00:43:20
but if you contact me typically, the way it works whenever

01:00:43:20 01:00:48:00
somebody needs to see me, my schedule clears for them. I

01:00:48:00 01:00:50:25
don't have to change my schedule. I don't have to do anything.

01:00:50:26 01:00:53:08
It literally, if I get a cancellation, there's somebody

01:00:53:08 01:00:55:23
coming that actually needs that help at that moment.

01:00:55:26 01:01:01:08
It's pretty phenomenal. And then, of course, as I said,

01:01:01:08 01:01:04:26
I do clearings and blessings. I get people to call me up

01:01:04:26 01:01:07:05
and just like, "Hey Vibe, I'm about to go into meeting. Can

01:01:07:05 01:01:10:11
you bless me?" Or, "I'm about to apply for a loan? Can you

01:01:10:11 01:01:14:09
bless me?" And, oh, the phone number?

01:01:14:09 01:01:15:11

01:01:15:11 01:01:17:00
- That's important. So

01:01:17:00 01:01:26:17
the phone number is 206-669-7268...

01:01:26:17 01:01:31:11
Everything energy is an option and once again,

01:01:31:11 01:01:35:03
because they come from a neutral space and I am strong

01:01:35:03 01:01:40:00
medium, it's never intrusive and is based off of what you

01:01:40:00 01:01:44:17
need at that moment. - All right. Well, that's been a hell

01:01:44:17 01:01:47:01
of a podcast. God, how you feeling? - That's a good one, man.

01:01:47:03 01:01:49:11
- I don't know, but I just always feel good. - Can I see? Can I

01:01:49:11 01:01:52:00
say one more thing? - Yes, you may. - Okay. - You

01:01:52:00 01:01:53:19
guys ready? - Yes.

01:01:53:21 01:01:56:06

01:01:56:08 01:01:58:07
- This is one of my mottos and it's one

01:01:58:07 01:02:02:05
of the things that I think has been lost. And those people

01:02:02:05 01:02:04:17
listening, I hope this resonates with you because this

01:02:04:17 01:02:08:26
is truly from the heart. Healers are to love equally and

01:02:08:26 01:02:16:17
unconditionally, without bias or judgment. That simple. - Yeah.

01:02:16:17 01:02:21:14
And if you want to love us, you can go by iTunes and leave

01:02:21:14 01:02:24:14
us a positive review. I would appreciate that. You can

01:02:24:14 01:02:26:26
sweep by our website, send us an email and tell us what

01:02:26:26 01:02:29:00
you're thinking. You can buy us a round of drinks. That'd

01:02:29:00 01:02:31:00
be nice. I like to bring it that. - I'd appreciate that.

01:02:31:00 01:02:32:08
- Yeah. You know, we got a little link,

01:02:32:08 01:02:33:23
you can click it, pay us some money, it'd be great.

01:02:33:23 01:02:36:23
We'll by a round. Will give you a shout out. All those things.

01:02:36:23 01:02:40:20
And thanks a lot for listening and we really hope that

01:02:40:20 01:02:44:14
this was enlightening for you in some way. So if you're

01:02:44:14 01:02:47:08
in the Puget Sound area, you want to schedule Vibe,

01:02:47:08 01:02:50:05
maybe you need need a little advice, you need some energy

01:02:50:05 01:02:52:14
work, Give that man a call. He gave you a phone number.

01:02:52:14 01:02:54:11
He gave you an email address, he gave you a website and

01:02:54:11 01:02:57:26
a Twitter. Get out there, get involved, learn yourself.

01:02:57:26 01:03:02:17
Thank you for listening. Goodbye.

01:03:02:17 01:03:03:14

01:03:03:15 01:03:04:22
- Thank you for listening

01:03:04:22 01:03:09:00
to Brogan and Scott's on the Grit City Podcast. Check them

01:03:09:00 01:03:13:20
out at Cheers.

01:03:13:20 01:03:27:15

01:03:27:15 01:03:43:06

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